My New Life


Everybody at some point of time took a decision either by Force or by Will. It may have drastically changed you life, at least for few, if not for many.

I led a normal life at least till my early 20’s. I was in a cocoon called FAMILY and when I mean FAMILY here, I meant my parents – Mom and Dad as I was unmarried back then. Not much was known about the outside world to me as I was under their Care and Protection.

This incident happened way back in 2004 when I took a BOLD decision, the Decision that had changed my life. This was something I was forced to and NOT by Will. Hence you could understand the gravity of the event / situation.

Yes…My family had incurred some loses and we were in a bad shape. Even I wasn’t earning much despite my talent, knowledge and commitment clubbed with educational qualification.

Just then unexpectedly an opportunity came my way which I had never even dreamt in my wildest dreams. I had seen this opportunity on a English news paper and applied for it, willingly. Why I stressed on willingness is this – it was for a job in a BPO whose office was located in a different city. I had even forgotten about having applied for this job. As usual on my day-off(I was employed as a Business Associate with a very meagre salary in an Indian Conglomerate then), I was on a browsing centre since those days browsing was too expensive. I got a call from the consultant for the MNC who had asked me to appear for an interview and series of other tests. I was happy and sad. Happy for getting the call and Sad for having to leave my family, if selected.

I still went ahead and attended the interview and other tests. Unlike for other batches where they took two days to complete the process, I had gone through all the stages on a single day. Though it was rigorous, I faced it with great confidence and could clear all of them just like that. Finally, it was the day of my interview. Even for this, my dad accompanied me and stayed till the end when I was told that I was selected for the job.

Now my worries started haunting me. This new job offered triple the salary than my existing job by then  but the catch was Relocation. Yes, I need to relocate to another city as the job was based there. I DECIDED TO RELOCATE!!

The Bold Decision I took then could be realized for its effectiveness after 8 years in 2011 where I had seen my sister getting married happily and I had also helped my family to a great extent to come out of the financial woes….

Have a look at this amazing video which gives you a new definition to the topic

For more details, do not forget to visit the link


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