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I wanted to write a review for Chennai which is my home town in order to help the travelers and I wanted to quickly check it in a specialised website rather than on google search as it would give generic info which wouldn’t be of much use.

I decided to venture on my own to find out some information. Though being a localite, I had been to various hotels, but when it came to classification, I was bit stumbled. You may ask – Why is the need of classification?

Well, there should be a classification for anything and everything and when I have decided to write a blog which would help the potential travelers to Chennai, I had decided that my blog should be categorised so that it would be easy for the readers to pick their choice – as it differs from person to person.

Firstly, I decide to pick on 3-Star Hotel and I found The President Hotel

This comes under 3-Star Hotels In Chennai category!!!

Why The President Hotel?

Firstly it is the ratings. It has got Perfect 5 which talks about its service and then it has also got Valued Partner Symbol which means one can trust this place.

Moreover this hotel is located in Mylapore which is a place for Music Sabhas and Temples and would be a real delightful one for those who come to Chennai in the month of December. This hotel also serves tasty delicacy and this can prove to be a real money worth for those who stay in this hotel.

Next comes Budget Hotels In Chennai category.

My pick was Hotel Pandian

 The reason why I had selected this similar to the above – 5 star rating and Valued Partner Sign. Apart from this, another reason for me to select is the location. This hotel is in Egmore. Since Egmore has Railway Station, the one who arrives from any part of India by train can go back easily. This place is also well connected to other parts of the city by bus,auto, taxi etc. Moreover this hotel is known for serving some tasty non vegetarian food which would prove to be a treat for the taste buds and a foodie would never say NO to the food being served here. This would also make the traveler real happy while staying here.

Finally, I decided to go for Cheap Hotels In Chennai category.

This time I picked up Hotel Bhimaas

This hotel has been in the city for more than 10 years and is a part of renowned Bhimaas Paradise in Tirupathi which has been serving quality and tasty food for decade. One can get to taste authentic Andhra Food here and can satisfy their need for spicy food. This hotel is located in Vadapalani which is famous for AVM Studios, Vijaya Hospitals and there are also shopping malls like Forum Vijaya Mall, Shoppers Stop to name a few. Airport is hardly 30 minutes from this place and Koyambedu Bus Terminus which is Asia’s largest ois hardly 15 minutes from here. The proximity to all transport facilities and other makes this a place to reckon with.

When any one stays in the above mentioned places, they would not regret for sure as they get the best worth for their money.


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