Marriages are made even via App

I was pretty much excited to see an App – probably the first ever by a Matrimonial Site.

An app is pretty much the “need of the hour” due to the availability of Smart Phones in excess coupled with 3G/4G. This can reduce lot of work as you carry your mobile all the time & can check the profiles at ease.
I had registered to seek a good profile (bride) for my friend. I’m sure to be finding one soon.
What did I like about the App?
Firstly it is User Friendly. Once your mobile no is verified, the profile gets activated within an hour post which you can start accessing the matches.
Why Verification?
This avoids duplication firstly and ensures greater genuineness on the profile registered.
As soon as you log in, the initial page shows up “Matching Profile” with options Shortlist, Chat & Interest. This is inline with latest happenings wherein if you are in a hurry, you could still Shortlist the match & can contact the person later 🙂
You also have the search option where you can search the profile according to your needs – based on City. You also have the option of storing this search which you can retrieve later using “Saved Search”
There is this awesome option called “My Magic Match”. I would say this is first of its kind in the entire world where by just shaking the mobile, you can get matching profiles.. Wow!! Can you beat this?? Stunning isn’t it??
You can also take the option “Quick Tour” to get to know about the usage of the app in a better way.
When you receive any message on your Inbox, it gets highlighted. You also have the option to check how many messages you have sent – from Sentbox.
You could also share this app via FB, Twitter using “Share” option.
Finally you have the option to “Upgrade” & you have Classic, Classic Advantage & Classic Premium. Higher the package selected, you get to have access to higher verified mobile numbers with unlimited personalised messages. You also have the option to tag paid member in the search results. You would not only get access to verified mobile but you can also send SMS, Initiate Chat or send eMail 🙂
Now you may wonder why I had written such a lengthy review… It’s SIMPLE!! I want to make your(reader) work easier. I would say, if you are looking for a match for your Family Member / Friend, this is a must App as you are with Limca Record Holders who have done maximum number of documented marriages, online 🙂
My best wishes to all alliance seekers & Team BharatMatrimony!!!

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