My Best Food Experience with Singapore


It was a my dream destination for 27 years even though my dad had been there for almost 15 times and my mom 5 times. When my dad used to tell me about the cleanliness and the uniqueness of the food, I made up my mind that I should visit Singapore, at least once, soon.

As mentioned earlier, the time came up in 2007. I was 27 years then. I was working in an MNC. We were suppose to take 2-weeks mandatory off in a year and when I was thinking what I would do then, the idea of going to Singapore struck me. I convinced my Mom to come along with me. We booked our tickets. That was the only expense for us apart from sigh seeing because we have our family friends over there. Hence Boarding and Lodging was literally FREE!!

We landed late night in Singapore and were duly picked up by our friends from the Airport. I was literally thinking about the Singapore Food.


After proper rest, I ventured out with my mom the next day. The first one we tried was Bee-Hun. It is a Vermicilli made with Rice which was not known in India(at least to me) those days. My parents use to get this right from early 1980’s and this goes well when boiled and added with lemon making it amost identical to our Lemon Rice.

This will not affect your stomach as it is light. I had enough but still I was feeling hungry much earlier in the noon. Hence I decided to taste the renowned “Murthapa”. This is almost identical to our Kothu-Parota but this is stuffed with meat and chicken minces with their proprietary spices and food items which makes is a dish to reckon with….


Back home, I was given coffee which tasted real good and when I inquired, I was told he milk what they use is imported from Australia. Similarly I was also surprised to hear that they use tap water direct to drink.

I was finally given an exotic fruit called “Rambutan” whose taste I cannot forget even now. It was so tasty that I bought 5 tins – as it usually comes in a packed tin container. The specialty is this is fruit which also comes with pine-apple stuffed in the middle and this fruit is soaked in sugar syrup giving it a divine taste.

I must say, Singapore food is truly good which is specific to hat country only and this is Nutritious and Hygienic as well as Singapore enforces strictly quality measures when it comes to Food!!!

For the best recipes and knowing about exotic food of Singapore, do visit ->

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