New Start

Every one would wish to start afresh. This would be at some point in time either earlier in our life or else where.

I have always been a person who looked at saving money on almost everything , at least in few where I could save some. As a guy, I must admit that I am obsessed with Smart Phones and the very fact that I keep changing or upgrading it(as we call it these days) stands a testimony to it. From a single line display mobile phone to Multi-Line touch display phones, from Flip to Brick, I have seen many.

There were numerous brands I have used and one being MotoRazr which my mom had bought it for me from Singapore. I have always had an attraction to Motorola Phones for its innovation and perfection.

I saw the recent launch of MotoE ad in a leading English news paper. I must say that I was stunned. So what will I start over with the New Moto E?

photo (4)

Actually, there are a lots. Firstly to start with I would start saving some money which I felt as quintessential for a youngster like me to retire early and live a peaceful life. This is made possible with MotoE since I need not have to shell out few many thousands unlike earlier. I would be spending less than 7K which means, I am still getting a new phone and with latest specifications.

Secondly, as you may have understood that I have always look at upgrading my phone, I would get the latest Android Lollipop Update. What I would do with it? I have been a Social Media Evangelist for a while and this would make me to push my business more aggressively there by giving me unlimited potential to earn. So my earnings are maximized here.

Finally, with excellent Front and Rear Cam, I would also look into enhancing my hobby of shooting some great pics and ave also thought about using it make some Mobile Documentary.

Who Knows?

It may even get featured in some popular website making my name immortal.

I have given my various ideas of what I would do with my new MotoE. Have You?

For more information, please visit


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