The moment of togetherness

Being #together is always an awesome feeling. I was born and brought up in a house which had lot of tenants who eventually had 2 kids each at home. Hence I was never falling short of friends when I was a kid and use to play with not less than 10 kids at any given point in time.

I did my schooling near to my home and higher education in a place which is bit far from my home. I completed my Graduation in a renowned college  and those 3 years were the golden days in my life since I understood what the life really is. I started donating blood for the first time in the college and I had bunked the college and watched movies and so on and so forth.

When it was farewell, I asked all my friends to come home and we did celebrate it in a grand style with party, keeping candle in our hands which was inspired by a movie by then coupled with dancing and singing. This happened way back in 2001. I know it was really a long ago and after which we all moved on in our life. Though we had been in touch every now and then, it was not like a concrete communication as there wasn’t a constant touch.

We all got so busy to get ourselves united. Few went to other States and few had even flied out of the country. We never felt bad but at the same time we never felt happy either. Things got changed earlier this year. YES!! It was one of my friend who is settled in Singapore initiated a WhatsApp Group and he asked for my help. He had few contacts of my friends whose number I never had and vice-versa.

He made me an Admin as well as the new feature offers multiple admin and guess what?? The number grew by over 20 and I was surprised to find my friends having gone to Germany, South Africa and even in India, they were placed in MNC like CapGemini, HP to name a few.. We all were really excited and initiated Video Chat instantly. That moment was really special because you cannot imagine the thought of being together after a gap of almost 15 years with those friends with whom you had spent the golden moment in your life – being in the college where you have enjoyed the most.

It did not end there. We also made or rather initiated attempts which fructified finally where most of us met in a friend’s place and we lost thinking about ourselves rewinding the old memories which is beyond imagination and comparison with any joyful moment in this world. Long Live Friendship.. I was lucky and I wish all of you to be lucky as well….

Enjoy being #together all the time ->


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