If everything was digitized…


What if everything was digitized?

Seems good and when it happens, it brings greater good for the Public!!

*** I am not a supporter of any Political Party and the views I express here are completely mine and does not refer to any one in any manner whatsoever ***

Why Digital?

This avoids cumbersome paper work which takes ages to complete and maintaining them is even more difficult since these paper work can occupy lot of storage space. Not only that… Where does paper come from? By felling the trees and hence we create irreversible damage to the Environment. All these can be avoided by going digital and when we are in need of any information, it can be accessed instantly from any part of the Country without having to physically move the document.

What are the benefits?

Apart from the one shown above, we would also get innumerable benefits. Firstly, we can avoid lot of administrative expenses by employing less number of talented people there by creating better image of the officers in the mind of public.

Secondly we can also avoid other unavoidable expenses like paying expenses for which no bills are issued. When everything is paid in White, there is no question of so called “Black Money” Circulation.

Digital Cameras should be installed to ensure no one harasses others in the Public Office and Places and hence greater Safety is ensured.

When it is digital technology, all the payments will also be made via Debit or Credit Cards. Even the Government Subsidies and Payment for all the Tenders/Contract are made directly to the Bank Account which means there is no circulation of Physical Money.

When this is the case, where is the question of “Black Money” and “Fake Money” ?

This can avoid concentration of wealth in few hands leading to better balance between the Rich and the Poor and most importantly, this can also avoid terrorist outfits and organization being funded. When there is no terror, we can live in this world, peacefully, forever.

Digital Technology can bring down the costs to a greater extent in almost all the sectors – be it Transport, Communication to name a few since there will be only eTickets and Swipe Cards which can bring in greater transparency and avoid the conflict between the passenger and the conductor for the shortage of exact change.

Hospitalization can be made affordable since Technology that is available else where can be used in India as well, effectively.

Even the remote areas can be connected with ease which means every one will have access to all the system available in the country and Government will become more accountable and it brings in retrospective effect of being more disciplined.

I would conclude here saying, DIGITAL INDIA will do greater good for us and people surrounding us as we have always used the Technology towards betterment of us and others and have not used it in any other way that it was actually intended to be…

Jai Hind!!

For more such Digital Initiatives, do visit -> http://www.intel.in/



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