Little Things That Make Me Happy

There are lot of things which brings happiness to us. It differs from person to person and from time to time. Even I have had my happiness when I got those cute little things which I am sharing it here.

As a kid, my happiness revolved around coin change which I use to receive from my grand parents. They use to give me a lot when ever they had visited my house. Even though my grand dad offered higher denomination notes, I never felt the need for it – rather I did not realize which one had greater value back then. My happiness reflected on getting hand full of coins.

Then my happiness shifted to small plastic toys none of which had crossed Rs.5 I use to save that money by doing massage to my grand father who would happily give away change on doing that. As soon as I have accumulated the enough change, I use to run over to the shop which was selling it and buy it with pride.

Then it was hiring a bicycle prior to owning one. For half an hour, I use to pay 50NP and if it was a high end cycle, it use to be Re.1 and I get it on hire and go around the city endlessly.

I still remember another incident which brought me great joy. When I passed my 10th Standard, my grand father presented me with a cricket bat. I felt like being inducted to Indian Cricket Team by then 🙂

The other things which brought me immense happiness were there:

Story Books – Since the new books were sold for Rs.10 and above those days, I use to visit a local old newspaper / waste paper shop and buy a bunch of books during my annual holidays with Rs.20 my mom use to give to spend and remember, the old book store sold the same books which was priced at Rs.10 for just Re.1 and I use to get not less than 20 books which I finish reading it off within 20 days at the rate of 1 book a day.

Stamps – I started collecting stamps right from my child hood and when ever I use to get stamps from family and friends and at times, when I visit the shop and buy it myself, it brought me immense joy.

Foreign Notes and Coins and Antique Coins – I inculcated this habit from my dad who gave me few notes and it gave me immense joy. Since he was a cashier, he had also got me antique coins and notes which I still preserve.

Irrespective of its value, these things mentioned above had brought me great joy from time to time…

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