Setting up home theatre: Getting optimum audio quality

Getting Optimum Quality on anything and everything is the need of the hour.

We always strive to achieve the excellence and this can be achieved by fine tuning the existing technology and at times adding few modifications to it. Audio is one such thing that has evolved over a period of time. We had listened to songs in a radio which was based on mere transmission of signals and then with the advent of CD’s, we started giving more importance to the Speakers.

We would have seen huge speakers which use to jam up our ears when we had been to Wedding and other Functions in our locality or else where. Those days are gone. Today we get speakers of various sizes,shapes and colors and even a Speaker which is just the size of a Palm could emit an output which is equivalent to few hundred watts of sound output. Now, this is simple]y amazing isn’t it??

We initially thought that the detachable speakers were the happening stuff and we use to get mesmerized by it. These days, we get speakers even for PC’s and we also have USB Speakers and to top it up, we also have Blue Tooth Speakers with which we can even connect our Mobile Phone and can listen to some cool songs in a loud sound. We have woofers and sub woofers too and these add to the might of the real speakers.

You could have seen great many companies like JBL, Harman, Bose, Blaupunkt, Pioneer to name a few who have mastered this technology and given us some cool speakers over the period of time. I am a fan of few of the speakers and would list it with the reason.

First one is an Android Shaped Speaker. The reason is I love Android and this speaker is exactly in the shape of an Android. What more can I expect to express my love towards this awesome OS? Since it is USB based, I can connect to my Desktop, Laptop and at times even to my TV.

My second selection was the Intex Speaker. This is a real good one since you have the volume adjusting options in its speakers which is a kind of traditional with a modern mix of technology and can also go well with its looks when it is attached to a desktop PC!

Having seen the speakers of various kinds above, my next selection would be the Bluetooth based speaker since I have couple of Smart Phones and it certainly needs a Bluetooth enabled speaker to make me listen to my favorite songs in a louder voice without damaging my ears by wearing a headset. My instant pick for this would be JBL since it has made a name to itself in this field and with the technology I wanted, it surely is a brand to reckon with…

My next selection would not be based on Compatibility. Hence my Pick on this would be Nude Audio I selected this because it can connect to any Smartphone or Tablet including the iPod,iPad and iPhone. The Move S wired has the ability to team up with a second or third speaker using the daisy-chain feature for a louder sound. Now this is something unique which we would not have seen elsewhere till date and hence this would be one of my favorite pick.

Finally, as a traditional song listener, my pick would be on 2.1 Multimedia Speakers The reason for me to pick this is, to give a boost to my ever powerful CD/DVD Player, this would not only add to its looks but also towards its performance with its sub woofers. These speakers also comes with Remote Control which means you have an absolute control over the entertainment, in your hands.

So, I have given a wide list of various speakers which were my pick based on various parameters and I am sure you would also be having few in your mind for sure…


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