Why would I visit Guptaji’s House

We always like to relish food. It is also one of the main reason for us to work since it is very essential for our survival. We cannot forego food at any given point in time and similarly if we keep having the same food, over and over again, we get bored and we may start hating a specific food item.

When I saw Guptaji’s recipes, I was dumb struck for the fact that he has more than 100 mouth watering recipes and I always preferred to eat different food items to avoid being getting bored with a specific food item. So this would be one of the main reason as to why I wish to visit his house. Moreover since his family knew great number of food dishes, I am sure how many number of times, I visit his house, I will not have the probability of eating the same food which is a real feel good factor here.

My other intention was to learn some of the recipes which I liked the most from his family since they are accommodating and would never think twice to let me know about the preparation of their awesome food which I can pass it on to my better half and ask her to prepare the same even in my home.

I am also interested to visit their house because they way they serve the food is awesome. It is well decorated and attractive an even a person who hates eating it would surely fall in love with it. I would relish the appearance too as I love not just eating but to look into various other aspects like preparation method, decoration and appearance and also the aroma.

Yes..Guptaji’s family makes food which emits amazing aroma which has never failed to attract me. Now it is also one of the most important reason for my visit to their house. Their hospitality is too good as well and when I am getting all that one could expect in visiting a place, what more can I ask for?

I just need to mention them a day prior and their family ensures everything in place which is really appreciable and I would never ever miss a chance, whatsoever to visit their house, as and when it happens.

I have packed my bags to visit their house on this holiday season so that I can get to see all his family members and have a gala time while enjoying one of the most awesome recipe in the world…

Have a look at this video which would give you an insight on what I am talking about

For more information on the above topic, do visit -> https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta andhttps://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.


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