Web Chat made easy

We now live in the technologically advanced world where video chat has become a routine. Those days we use to run to the nearest browsing centre for a Web-Chat. But today with the advent of laptops and tablets and even smart phones, we tend to chat to our near and dear ones who is in the other end of the world, by sitting at home.

There are lot of applications available these days which has made this possible. We mostly use Skype as it is pretty easy to set up and use it. All we need is a laptop with a good front camera and a headset with mic – so that the video chat is like a breeze.

When it comes to headphones, those days we used it only to hear the audio since it was just a single-way communication but today since it is two-way, we need a mic as well to speak so that the message is conveyed to the listener who is the other end. Hence you need to have a good quality headset with a mic else the web-chat may look like a silent-movie or a puppet show.

When it comes to headset, there are many options available.

1) Headset with a Mic – Wired

2) Headset with a Mic – Wireless

Even in the above categories, you can select the size of the ear-piece as per your convenience. You have some big sized ear piece to a real small one. While the category 1 needs to be connected to the laptop or your tablet through wire, category 2 is connected to these gadgets with the help of BlueTooth Technology. This enables you to speak to the person in the other end even when you are bit far away from your laptop giving you more convenience.You also get these headsets in various colors that would match your persona and you can select them as per your wish/like.

Headsets are vital because it can also help you adjust the volume which you hear and hence gives your ears more safety and comfort. These headsets are also used in call centres, and if you have worked in one of them, you can easily relate to what I mean.

I got to see similar options mentioned above at Headphone With Mic

We have various brands in the headset which includes Plantronics. Nokia, Zebronics, Sony, Enter, AD NET to name a few and though the fetaures are almost similar, it is the technology what they use differs. While most of the headsets draws power from the cable that is attached to the laptop or personal computer, the headsets which comes with Blue Tooth Technology usually draws its power from batteries – which is either a single use alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. So, if you are using a BlueTooth headset, it is better to check the battery level prior to start using it since it might end up in ending the conversation in the middle, abruptly.

Care should also be taken when you have kids at home especially when you are using a wired headset since it may tangle their neck unknowingly. Thankfully the headsets also comes with adjustable length which means a single headset can fit all the head size leaving us with greater comfort as we need not have to go back to the shop to exchange it for falling short in size.Without headset, it is unimaginable to have a quality conversation – be it over the turret in the call centre or on the internet via video chat in Skype or any other web application.



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