I moved away for good

There are few things which might have really affected you at that point of time but if you look at what had happened as a consequence, you really will not feel bad about it – but vice versa since it had done real good for you.

I was born and brought up in Chennai and lived there for almost 24 years. As they say Life is a circle where you’ll be on top for few years and have to come down or vice-versa. The same thing happened to me as well.

After my post graduation, my family got into financial woes and with unmarried sister, the family burden fell on me because even my dad was given a lay-off. As they also say “When sorrow comes, it comes together” and I had witnessed it but even then I did not lose my heart. I always knew that what ever I do from then on would have a real binding effect on my family and I did not want to take any drastic step that would fail my family.

Here, I must say about my family. My Mom and Dad were real nice people though they are misunderstood among family members and few friends and they had never intervened in my life when it came to selecting my course/studies and they even gave me freedom to select my better-half. I experienced all pleasure that life has to offer and I would also acknowledge this – when you were given ultimate freedom by your parents, the chances of you committing mistake is very minimal. My younger sister was always supportive to me.

I decided to take a big step when the news came. Yes..I was offered a plum job in an MNC which gave me three times the salary I was drawing by then and I decided to take it up not for me but for my family. I moved from Chennai to Bangalore and I stayed there for almost 8 years. My family too migrated in the mean while and when we came back to Chennai in 2011, the scenario had changed. We were back to a normal position where we were prior to being struck with financial woes.

My take on my own life incident is this – Follow Your Heart. Do not fear to take bold steps as these will shape up not only your future but also that of others 🙂

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