When I heard my conscience

We all would have had some incident or the other in our life which we could never forget and though it may not be BIG for us, but for those who got it, would have made a real difference. I am going to share one such event that had happened in my life when I was studying in school.

The main idea behind this is not to boast about it but to make it immortal forever – which can be possible only through writing!! I am sure you all would agree…

I was studying in 6th standard back then. There were no internet, gadgets like smart phones, laptops and other things. We use to rely solely on Doordarshan for entertainment and movies and beach for outing.

A boy came and joined. For privacy reasons, I am not taking his name here.He looked brilliant and when the mid term results were out, it did reflect his personality. He did score really well. I felt happy because he became my good friend by then. He kept scoring the similar way on the other exams too. He lost his father at a very young age and hence I had a soft corner for him. I came to know that his mother was doing some household work to educate him. I felt pity on seeing his plight especially with the lunch because he always got old rice/food though he did not liked it most of the time. On the contrary, I used to get food fresh from home since my home was just 10 minutes away from school and my mom had employed a lady to carry the lunch for us to school.

Hence I always use to get hot and tasty food from home. I saw my friend looking at my food with desire to have them. I started sharing a container every day since I use to get 3 container food. He felt real happy in having them since it satisfied his taste and hunger.

During the next year, he felt real hard to pay the school fees as his mother fell ill and I came to know about this through other sources. Hence I decided to own it up. I went straight to my mom and informed this. She was a real kind hearted person and readily agreed to sponsor for his study and she paid fees for an entire year. Though the amount is not big for us, it ensured the continuity of his studies and today he is employed in an MNC. Even if he had forgotten this, I would not mind it because I know that I made a difference in someone’s life…

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