How my parents were fleeced by an Airline Co and a Travel Website – together

Well, I am writing this not to take it on the companies concerned because they are really unhelpful and I am not expecting anything from them what so ever though I could move Consumer Forum to get the compensation but I am not pressing it for the time being.

The companies in question claims to be user friendly and helpful and help the travelers to get the best fares out there but the reality is totally opposite and I felt being misled by them. My parents are frequent fliers and they always had booked their airlines tickets through an agent which was a cake walk till date. I thought of saving some money for them end ended up paying for 1 person extra. Let us see how this all happened.

This again is not to defame the brands but to alert the innocent travelers from being fleeced. This is my personal experience which turned out to be real bitter and I am not sure whether any one else who is reading this blog had suffered the same. If YES, please do share it in the comments section without fail.

I booked flight tickets for my parents and was delighted that I could save few thousands for them but I got to see the reality of the hidden motive only when they were coming back from Singapore. Usually, the international flights offer a baggage of 30kgs per person and my parents got few stuffs from Singapore and when they reached the airport, they found they were allowed only 20kgs per person and they were having an excess of 16kgs and hence the airlie – IndiGo happily charged $20(SGD) per kg and it worked out at $320 SGD which means, for a mere 16 kgs excess, one has to pay the charge which is equivalent to an adult performing a two-way trip to Singapore.

My question is this?

How this charge can be justified?

This is like a Money-Lender charging an interest rate of 400% (as I have compared it with 16*4 = 64Kgs for an Adult)

More over, when a co-passenger offered to take a part of my parent’s baggage, the person on the counter refused it because he knew that it would be a Revenue Loss for the Airline Company.

Irony was this, the aircraft was empty as well and my parents were of the opinion that since it was running empty, they wanted to extort the charges to the maximum in what ever way possible from the passengers.

These charges were on top of $50 paid by my parents towards handling charge of getting a 40 inch TV to the aiport which means, the same TV is charged twice (for 2/5 kgs at the rate of 20$ per kg)

Leg Space was pathetic and there was no food served as well either except water. My parents ended up paying almost 50K for a trip of two to Singapore.Pretty expensive huh??

When my parents came back and narrated the events, I contacted both the parties in question – MakeMyTrip through which I had booked the tickets and IndiGo. Both of them washed their hands saying that it was not their mistake and was mentioned in Terms and Conditions.

MakeMyTrip even went ahead to an extent saying they did mention the baggage while booking. Though I was sure they did not, I tried doing a dummy booking and found this.


The above was the first page where you need to enter the details.

The next page was this:

BookingPage 1

This page only talks about Travel Insurance, Forex,Intl calling cards and Food(Pre-Booking) and when you go the next page, it leads to this:


This page only talks about the payment. There is no signs of baggage details what so ever in any of these pages and when I got the ticket, it showed this:


While the other details like Cancellation and Re-Booking are given clearly in Box and Bigger Font, details related to the baggage was not not mentioned any where but with a small link on the top right hand corner(under lined).

My alert for the readers – If you are an old age traveler or traveler for the first time, be ready to be fleeced when you are coming back.

The lesson I learnt from this – either I should have traveled with them FREE of cost rather than paying for excess baggage or I should have made the booking in Singapore or Malaysian Airlines both of which did not happen 😦

Please share it to all your family an friends and beware of sites and airlines like these who are always ready to fleece you when ever and where ever they get a chance…


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  1. Dear Sarath,

    Apologies for the trouble you faced during the booking process.

    We write to you in response to the blog you have shared on Twitter. We would like to inform you that baggage allowance for all the airlines are standard and are allowed as per the respective airline’s rules and restrictions.

    We, being an OTA (Online Travel Agent), share all the information as per our terms of contract with the airlines and we share the same information on our website.

    Not only do we show the baggage information to our travellers when any booking is being made on the website, but we also show the cancellation/date change fare rules to our customers upfront to avoid any future grievances or queries.

    In your case, we have shared the baggage information as showcased in the tweet below.
    Please find the below link contain the screenshot for the Baggage information which was available on our listing page and review page:

    We never want our customers to face any kind of trouble and the fees levied for the extra baggage are charged by the airlines as per their standard baggage rules.

    Unfortunately, we would further humbly deny any refund/waiver request for the extra baggage charges paid at the airport to the airlines.

    We will further strengthen our initiative in this direction based on your feedback. We trust that this reply has helped to clarify our stand.

    We value your relationship with MakeMyTrip. We look forward to serve you in future.

    Team-MakeMyTrip Care

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