Cab hiring in Chennai for comfortable journeys

When you want to go around chennai, I would recommend you to hire a cab as it is easy to commute without any hazzles and sweat. You could also save yourself from crowd, dust and most importantly from the fleecing auto rickshaw drivers who charge recklessly to travel even for a shorter distance.

There are lot of cab services available in chennai. They have their unqiue services with great number of cars attached to them. Some offer packages, some offer discounts and so on and so forth. Since Chennai is the Capital of Tamilnadu, you need not have to worry about the travel as the city is well connected and you would find the cab service in almost any part of the city. However it is recommended to book it via phone or mobile app or through a website rather than calling in directly into one of their offices.


This gives you more convenience and more over, the offices may not have cab readily available to give you one since most of them will always be on the move.You have few cab hiring companies which would be working 24/7. This is great isn’t it? All the cabs ply by meter and hence there is no question of being over charged. Drivers are always in their uniform as it is required by Law and are well mannered.

Many of the cabs are connected via GPS to their Head Office which means there is literally no chance of getting their meters tampered with allowing you to enjoy the ride wih greater transparency in billing.

By specifying which part of Chennai you are in, you can enter the area for eg. Anna Nagar, Adyar, Thirvanmiyur to name a few to search for the cab companies in your locality and book it to go for a ride in a quicker time. It is recommended this way rather than booking for a cab through a company which is located real far away from your place as the time taken by them to arrange for a cab would be much longer.

You can get the cars both for travel within Chennai and outside Chennai as well. For outstation travel, the charges would be extra as that would include State Permit, Toll, Driver bata etc which would usually be conveyed to you at the time of booking the cab. Even if it is travel within Chennai, rates may differ according to the time. If you would like to travel in the night, the charges would be extra which would be any where between Rs.50 to Rs.100 on top of the metered billing.

Please note that there is also a WAIT TIME Charges which means if your cab is waiting in a specific place for an hour or so, there will be a nominal charge added to it. It is better to hire a cab on a package as the charges would be less and there are also companies which offers you discount when you book a cab with them for a whole day or so.

Taxi Service in Chennai are essentially for your pick-up and drop in Railway Station or Airport and you can book one.

If you ask me for Best Cab Service in Chennai – I would go for the likes of Fast Track, Meru, Ola, DOTS,Friends Track, Yellow Taxi to name a few since these companies are really big and can have a car at your disposal literally in less than 30 minutes. Fast Track is head quartered in Chennai and has got few thousands of cars in its fleet and is a household name here. So, if you are looking to book a cab which has established its name, you can certainly go for any of the ones mentioned above without having to give a second thought.

The best part in hiring a taxi or a cab is – the drivers at times would even act as a tourist guide if they have picked up good bonding and conversation with you by leting you know about various places in Chennai and take you there. One of the benefits if you book via website is – you get to know their ratings, address, contact details, their social media page where you can register your opinion – so on and so forth.

What are you waiting for??

Keep clicking and keep traveling!!!




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