Brands and only Brands

This is a sequel to my previous blog and in this blog I am going to talk only about the brands.

We see advertisements in and out – almost on a day to day basis and it occupies almost all the slots – from serials to movies and news and at times, we get annoyed too. To be very frank, we do our quick work during the ad breaks whilst watching a movie or some other program on television. This is the fact not only with me but also with other household.

There is this ad which says – Stay Calm. LIU or DIU – the wordings itself is not clear and it just shows a woman walking near a beach, enter a cave before the ad signs off by showing a Light House. I really cannot understand till date as to what the ad is all about? Is it to promote a tourism of an island or something else… Irony is, I had seen the ad for more than 100 times :-0

There are some ads which are real funny. There was this ad where a boy teases a dog and when it gets released from its chain, he runs away for life. This would make any one to fall in laughter. There was also ad where you would see as to who will be claiming the biscuit/snack – between a brother and a sister.

Some ads are real good which would inform us well in advance not to try it at home or else where since they were performed by professional stunts. These are real good since these ads shows the reality. Some ads like Ramesh and Suresh for a popular chocolate brand is funny but I got bored seeing them over and over again since these faces has not changed.

You have ads for Cooking Oils, Chewing Gums, Mouth refreshers. The ad which made me laugh to the core was for a brand which claimed that it turns the tooth so much white that it is enough to light up a dark village since all these guys who used it would be sitting on the lamp posts. If this is the case, I am sure we can save lot of electricity not only at home but also else where 😉

Some say they are the biggest or the best. My claim is – who has endorsed it? You surely won’t get an answer for that. Just because you get to see a Rate Card on a product, doesn’t mean you are paying a Fair Price. If the brand which popularized this claims it, I am sorry. We are much more educated than what you think 🙂

You also get to see a child conversing with the GOD saying he will not go to a specific house since it is not having a Wi-Fi connection. It was a cool ad. I am saying this not because I am using that brand but it is innovative and what ever the brand claims, they are delivering it. A Product or a brand should be delivering what they promise else it takes a beating.Hence brands should exercise utmost caution while shooting an ad.

I liked what Pepsi did recently since it had given an opportunity to commoners like us to shoot our own ad. Nothing can beat it as it brings out the real pulse of the public!!

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda


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