Save More with 27 Coupons

Online Shopping which had entered India pretty late when compared to other Western Countries is fast catching up with the ever changing life style of us. Big companies which does online selling has been targeting the end users in India to expand their base and this is clearly evident from the fact of getting FDI and FII in these sectors.

We have witnessed Amazon coming into India in full force and in order to combat the competition from the already established players here like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra etc., this company had revealed major business expansion plans with investments worth few billions of dollars. They have also gone ahead and rented few million square foot office space in Bengaluru.

We so saw other online biggie AliBaba whose founder Jack Ma coming and meeting our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji to discuss about the options of having their business here. We also have other players like eBay, ShopClues etc to name a few which is trying their best to garner new customers and also to keep their old customers intact.

Why Online Shopping?

There are few things which is associated with it. It gives you to shop at the convenience of sitting at home. It saves Time and Money since there are no middlemen in this and hence the benefit is directly passed on to the customers like us. Payment Options are safe. Thanks to 2 Way and 3D Authentication system which has been set up to make these Safe and Secure. Even Return Policy is too good as we can return it or get the refund if the product does not comply with the requirements or as advertised.

What do we have to do to stay SMART?

Shopping online is SMART. No denial about that. But shopping via Cashback sites which also offers Coupon is INTELLIGENT. These companies get commission from the sites like Amazon, FlipKart, eBay etc for re-directing us to them. Initially people were skeptical about providing their details but now it has become a common scenario since most of the times, when we do our shopping via these sites, our transactions gets automatically tracked and we would be passed on the benefit in the form of Cashback – which can be transferred to our bank account or can be redeemed in the form of Gift Vouchers. I am a guy who does not want to wait for these benefits to be passed on to me since it takes 2-3 months and at times, you may not even find those cashback sites operational.

27Coupons :

I prefer going for the Coupons Sites where you get the benefit in the form of discounts then and there. This is where comes into picture. They have coupons for major brands with who you shop with and I liked it in particular because it offers coupons for my favorite – Amazon. You can find the list of coupons they offer by clicking here

This site has both – Offers and Coupons. The Coupons also mentions about the “Success Rate” of having used them. Hence you are doubly sure prior to using it. Offers are something you might have missed and this place gives you Offers for all brands..

So what are you waiting for? Join 27coupons as you also get 250 points for registering and you also can earn rewards by sharing their awesome coupons. Start Clicking and Start Saving.


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