What makes KOLA PASI Clicking??

Kola Pasi

We Chennaites would be using this word every now and then and what if this became a name of the restaurant?

This is what had happened and a small team had come together and opened this awesome restaurant. I got a Food Blogger Invite from my friend and we were happy to make it to the occasion of their launch of 3rd restaurant. The first two are already operating in Nelson Manickam Road and Ashok Nagar and this one was opened in Golden George Nager just opposite to Golden Homes.


Their Logo is pretty interesting. They operate not as a dine-in restaurant but Take Away and Home Delivery. I also came to know from one of my blogger friend that they accept Card Payment even for as small as Rs.150

What Makes this Click?

KP Samples

It is actually this which makes them click. You might wonder what is this all about? It is SAMPLES. Yes. You read it right. When you walk in to order a Take-Away, you get these. You are encouraged to taste the sample of the product and once you are satisfied with it, you can go ahead and place your order. The concept is this – Customer should not get dissatisfied. None of the other restaurants thought about this. This is Unique and this makes them clicking.

What did I have?

The Pre-Launch was on a Saturday and I refrain myself from eating Non-Veg on Saturday at any cost. I went for Vegetarian items.

KP Veg

As you see they have two sections – Veg and Non-Veg.


In the Veg, I did taste all of these…

KP Veg Varieties

KP Veg Varieties 2

They had Pudhina Rice, Sambar Rice, Tomato Rice, Puliogare, Veg Biryani along with Bettroot Halwa and Payasam. Almost all of them were excellent. They tasted just like what we do in our home and I am sure ,when you taste it once, you will surely fall for it. I must say Sambar Rice was truly excellent and I ate one small container full of Sambar Rice then and there and could eat Veg Biriyani only when I came back home with a Take-Away 🙂

The Non-Veg Varieties what they had were these:

KP NV Varieties

KP NV Yummy

They had a decent line up of items from Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Chukka and Fry, Prawn Thokku and Gravy. Though I did not taste them, my friends who had it found it really delicious. In fact while we were having food, few customers walked in, ordered and took away some food. Food is prepared in one kitchen and sent across to all three outlets. Hence you will not find any variation in taste. Food is prepared and packed hygienically and priced reasonably. Now, what are you waiting for? You can wither Walk-In or place an order by calling them on 077080-63352 or log on to http://www.kolapasi.com

This blog was written on an invitation from the brand to be a part of their 3rd restaurant launch.


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