I celebrate my life everyday

Life itself is a celebration. The very fact that you were born as a human and not anything else calls for it.

When does the celebration happen?

Celebration happens when you are contended with what you have got.

Celebration happens when you do not feel jealous about others.

Celebration happens when you know the real purpose of life.

Celebration happens when something that you have liked the most keeps happening day in and day out.

We all are entangled in this life and some of us are in Business and some of us are in Paid Job. Not everyone would like the profession what he/she does and they would keep continuing due to various reasons like compulsion, financial commitments etc.

When you start liking your job and do it continuously by putting in your maximum efforts, celebration comes into picture. A person who is earning a Six figure salary a month may not be celebrating the life the same way as a person with a Four figure salary does. Though he may have greater disposable income, it cannot bring happiness because Celebration is something which is associated with tension free life, willingness to take risks and you should also be in a position to come out of what you do when ever you think it is not fit for you rather than being bound by an agreement or a commitment.

For me, I love my job and though there is not a constant pay but when I get paid, I paid heavily which takes care of the lost days. But what I do on the other days? I can spedn it the way I wish to.

I can do Gardening.

I can go for Shopping.

I can write Poems.

I can attend concerts.

I can attend Reality Shows.

I can watch Cricket and other Sports.

I can go for leisure walk.

I can pick my kids from school.

I can pay all my bills on time.

I can cook.

I can sleep till I want.

I can fix my own appointments.

I can take a nap.

I can celebrate all festivals without having to worry about getting my leave sanctioned in the office.

I am not critical about those who are in employment but was registering my mere views as to what makes me happy and how do I celebrate my life. If you could do the simple things which I have mentioned above without any restrictions, even if you in paid employment, Life is full of Celebrations…

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