I shared the Load an benefitted

When you start sharing the load especially at household you can see the real visible difference. We call this as delegation in management terms where we delegate our Powers and Authority to few people below us which is nothing but sharing our workload with them.

If this could happen in the office, why not in the household because it is this place where we spend most of our time – being with our spouse, family and others.

If your house is a peaceful place, it can go a long way in reflecting on your career – both in Personal and Professional Life! The happiness that you enjoy at home can be taken forward to your work place too and what ever you do, you do it with greater ease and precision which is not the case when you do not enjoy the so called Peace at home which would lead to higher blood pressure, tension and this would lead to stress in your work as you would not be able to concentrate and start making mistakes which results in poor output and lower appraisal scores.

I never had this trouble right from the beginning sine my mother had trained me right from the childhood to do most of the activities – be it at home or elsewhere. I was trained to go to shops to purchase groceries and meat. Slowly I started buying vegetables too. During my annual holidays, I was trained to keep my home tidy and initially I was given a small amount as a token of appreciation which pushed me to do the work later even without looking or expecting for any remuneration as I got to know that it is my house and I am cleaning it which is my integral duty!

So when I got married, my better half was working in an engineering college as an Assistant Professor. I cannot expect her to do all the work by herself since she has to toggle between Home and Work. What I did was simple?

I started sharing some of her work like buying vegetables since I was doing it right from my childhood and when my mom was not at home, I use to help her with petty things like peeling the vegetables etc and I could see a visible difference. She could finish off her work fast because of which she could concentrate well in teaching and she had come out with flying colors and I am glad that I could assist her with a little bit of what I could do from my end… Come lets together make a difference!!

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel


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