Selective Hearing ad with #CrashThePepsiIPL

The Selective Hearing ad which has made the cut by winning the coveted #CrashThePepsiIPL campaign for the 2nd round is just beyond awesome. While my previous blog talked about an ad between two army men where no conversation was involved since the situation demanded, this ad by Pranav Bhasin was totally different.

Firstly to start with, I am posting the ad. Do have a look at it first before you can follow my blog on why I have liked this 🙂

I have liked this ad for few reasons:

1) Concept

2) Minimal Dialogue

3) The way it was shot.

Now coming to the Concept. This ad is unique where a guy pops in and asks for a bottle of water. The shop keeper who was showed early with poking his ear could not hear it. Just when you started thinking that the shop keeper guy was deaf, a kid comes in and asks for a Pepsi.

There was an instant reaction from the shop keeper. He asks – do you want Normal or Diet Pepsi and the kid takes normal Pepsi. Now the first guy who walked in was in shock. The shop keeper shows the diet Pepsi and convinces him to take it.

The concept is unique. If you are capable enough, you can sell anything is what this ad emphasize but you should see it in a positive aspect rather than going into criticality. It also shows the attitude of the shop keeper boy. He was cool and never shows any tense on his face but with a smile tries to pursue the guy who came asking for water to drink Pepsi.

Minimal Dialogue is the next. This 30 second ad would have had dialogue for hardly 15-20 seconds which means an ad need not have to have a dialogue but can still sell which has been clearly proved here. Though the dialogue was minimal, the message it wanted to convey was done which shows the effectiveness of the ad.

Finally, the way it was shot. This ad would have been shot in a normal SLR/DSLR Camera. If you have the concept and willingness to put it in action, you can shoot an ad without having to spend much – in crores of rupees yet convey the meaning in a positive way which is what has been done here by Pranav.

Let us also get inspired and try shooting an awesome ad and submit at the earliest. You never know the worth of your talent 🙂

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda


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