What I liked in #CrashThePepsiIPL

#CrashThePepsiIPL campaign is a real great initiative by Pepsi where they have come out with a unique concept of making the Public shoot a 30 second ad and they were selecting winners from it which would make the cut of being the next Pepsi ad.

This campaign was an instant hit since we the general Public would not only get to see our ad being featured, once selected but also to take home a cool Rs.1,00,000 which is good for a Starter/ Amateur and can go a long way in making many more great videos for many other companies as well in other fields – once they are convinced of your creativity.

The activity saw greater number of video entries being posted directly on the website created for this specific purpose and also the links with YouTube attachments being tweeted to Pepsi in Twitter.

There are two winners being announced by Pepsi on Twitter so far and the ads showed how one could think different and what makes an ad clicking. Even a normal thing which we may ignore can make a cut here and that is the catch.

I have seen many ads but I liked this ad in particular. The You Tube Link for this particular ad is:

This 30 second video is being directed by a budding director Mr. Vignesh Babu which shows the essence about the product as to what change it can bring it in. Yes. The video starts with two army men fighting against each other and when person got thirsty, he opens a Pepsi can to drink while the other thought it was time for him to take an aim and finish off the enemy. Only when he positions his scope for acquiring the target, he sees the Pepsi can on the opponent and realizes he too had the same and since he was also feeling thirsty, he too opened it and started drinking and when the other person started taking aim now, this person starts showing the can and both of them laughs.

Though this may not be the case in real life scenario, this shows the lighter version of the so called life that every person will get thirsty and every one will have a desire to drink Pepsi which is beautifully captured in this video.

Kudos to the video maker who had thought about the concept in 30 seconds and executed with perfection….

Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda


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