Infinity, A Dream Handover Party – by Urban Tree Homes

When I got an invite to cover the handover event – Infinity in Porur, I never thought even in my wildest dreams that the launch would be a grandeur.

The site was exactly 6.5 kms from Vadapalani. You can see the Route Map for you to reach Infinity much easier.


While others usually say the project in so and so place and only when you go there, you would come to find out that it is actually located else where but it is not the case here. It is very much situated in Porur and to be precise, it is in Porur Garden Phase II


This is what I saw as soon as I entered the apartment – pics of all the buyers. It is very close to the podium entrance and this place also housed Gym and Creche which was of State of the Art Technology. There were other facilities as well like an Open Air-Space in between the apartments where the event happened which we are going to see in a short while and it also has a Swimming Pool and in-house ATM.

Badava Gopi and Balaji Venugopal

The buyers were enthralled by the performance of TV Actor and Mimicry Artist Badava Gopi who was ably assisted by TV Host,RJ Balaji Venugopal who was there through out the event and was cracking one liners and other witty jokes making the event a lively one.

As the program went ahead further, it was time to honor the dignitaries who assisted the project in various stages to take its shape. The idea that was conceived by Mr Abhishek Mehta, MD of UrbanTreeHomes in 2011 took its present shape and he was ably assisted by his brother Mr Abhinay Mehta who got emotional when he was asked to give a speech. Everyone including the Architect and Landlord who had given the land for the project were facilitated which I have neither seen it nor even heard about it.


Mr Abhishek Mehta, MD of UrbanTreeHomes on Lighter Mood – He had also told the buyers in detail as to how much he had to struggle to get the permission of CMDA and when he said this apartment for the first time ever in India had used “Soil Stabilisation Technology” for a Residential Project(which otherwise is used only in Commercial Project), there was a wild roar and applause in the entire open area.

Emotional Abhinay

Mr Abhinay Mehta – getting emotional

We were also stunned to see Drone covering the event!!!

Drone Covering

Now, you can see dignitaries being facilitated by Mr Abhishek and Mr Abhinay Mehta

Dignitary 1

Dignitary 2

Dignitary 3

We were also shown the making of the Project as to how it took place from the scratch.



Making 2

Then came the election of Bearers of the Resident Association which included The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasures. Total of 7 members were elected!!

President of Association

VP of Association

All other Members of Association

Almost all these members were elected unanimously on the voice vote and nomination from the other buyers.

There was even a LIVE Feed of Twitter being screened in the event!!

Live Feed

Now the man behind this, Mr Sorav Jain from echovme , the Award Winning Social Media and Digital Marketing got facilitated.

Sorav Jain

It was time for some fun and Host Balaji Venugopal had asked for volunteer contestants and few of them came forward bravely. It was a compatibility between Husband and Wife and they were asked to stand separately.

Men Contestants

Women Contestants

Once they had jotted down their answers, the compatibility was checked and prizes were distributed to all the participants who had put up a brave show.

Prize Distribution

This was not all. There was even a Musical Extravaganza that was arranged and the renowned Oxygen Boys band were there to enthrall the audience with the mix of Carnatic and Western Fusion.



Drummer 1



Piano Flute

Since I have covered each and every member individually, it is time to see all these performers as one complete set up.

Oxygen Boys

An in-house buffet dinner with innumerable delicacies were served and to end with we were also been treated with Fire-Crackers delight. It was such an awesome sight to view this in the darkness.

Fire Crackers IN

While the above one was taken from inside the apartment – from the open air place, the following pics were taken from outside the apartment.

Fire Crackers Show

fire crackers out

Over all, to sum up, it was a great evening where UrnbanTreeHomes not only delighted me but also the House Owners by not only giving them an excellent place to dwell but also with a great handover event!!! I wish them a grand success in all their upcoming projects as well….

You can find the route to this address by clicking here

The author had been to the event on the Special Invite by UrbanTreeHomes and this blog is about covering the event in minute detail.


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