My votes for CrashThePepsiIPL Video Finalists

Firstly, I must say this is an excellent campaign by Pepsi India. I am really glad that I had witnessed the event submission right from the start and the way the campaign progressed is tremendous which showed how much of talent that was hidden all these days and when given a chance as to how those hidden talents and unveiled.

Pepsi through its Social Media had effectively leveraged this which saw entries from few thousand enthusiastic participants from all over India as everyone wanted to make it to their dream destination – of being their ad featured on air as the next Pepsi Ad.

The contest gradually progressed from phase to phase and so far 4 finalists have been announced with just 1 more to go. Who ever wins, they are surely lucky and are all set to gain immense pride and exposure. I will not discount of any other participants as well because all of them were equally good in their ideas and submitting their videos.

However since the voting now is restricted only to the finalists, I would be giving my votes to 2 of the below mentioned finalists.

My first one would be for Selective Hearing by Pranav Bhasin.

The reason why I had selected this add is the simplicity of it and the message it wanted to convey. The shop keeper had a selective hearing problem where he could not hear water which one of his customer asked for but could hear Pepsi when other customer asks for it and starts giving lot of options and finally when the customer who asked for Pepsi left, he convinces the first person to buy Pepsi instead of water. I liked the concept because it is a smart way of selling a product. I am not going into the nitty-gritty of the tactics or the product being used here but the concept that was being used to up-sell a product which was unique.

My next vote goes to Rajma Upma by Keerthi Natarajan.

This is an ad where two families – one from North and one from South meets in a bus stand and starts displaying their food products. Finally when it comes to drink, they both display Pepsi. I liked this ad in particular because though we are divided by culture and traditions along with making/preparing food items, when it comes to satisfying thirst, it is Pepsi which is the common factor and I felt that this ad is talking about Being Together – United!!!

I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 7th May to 14th May. Are you?”


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