My Perception on #EkNayiLeague

What is this #EkNayiLeague ??

It caught my attention and not only mine but also of so many other tweeters since it was mentioned my none other than Mr Kapil Dev, the legendary all rounder from Indian Cricket Team. It immediately caught the attention of every one since it is cricket season now and every one is so engrossed on it. It was even mentioned on Facebook and the posts and the tweets started going viral.

There were lot of discussions and debates as to what this is all about and none of them could figure it out till date. We would eventually come to know in few days when Mr Kapil Dev launches it officially but prior to that I thought of making a guess as to what it might be??

Since Mr Kapil Dev is from Sports and he talks about Sports and Money and Fame in his videos on the website (the link has been provided below this blog post), I can vaguely assume as to where this would eventually lead to.

Firstly, It should be mostly related to a sport.

Secondly, this should be having good money on board for the winners and other participants too.

Last but not the least, it would also give you a greater stardom because only when it offers that, other stuffs like Money would automatically flow in like water.

Now let me come to the concept – as to what I think this should be all about….

To me, I feel this is all about Cricket and nothing else. You may ask me, what is special in it then? Going by the name, I feel that this is a game of Cricket but has a twist to it. Yes. Unlike the contemporary game which has 11 players in both the sides, this game would only have 1 player in each side who would represent a team.

The team can be formed in Regional,Zonal,National or International Level. The higher the level, the higher is the prize money. This may not sound interesting but when it is put into action and with the right marketing tactics, this can reach greater heights like that of its peer, The IPL.

What is special in it?

As you have read above, this is a One-Man show or One-Man Army game where one person is wholly and solely responsible for his team. the team may have more than 1 person and can be played on rotational basis. They only have to bat, bowl and field and there are all rules that are applicable in cricket, applies here too except the fielding limitations during the power-play. There can be run-out, hit -wicket, C&B but there cannot be Caught Behind and this would have limited overs say 5-10, max. We can witness maximum number of games in a day which can be played on the same venue continuously and results are given instantly.

I hope my guess becomes true because if it does, my friends would congratulate me for having cracked it first even before it is unveiled 🙂

For more information and prediction, do visit ->


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