That Honest Moment I feel Proud about…

Dear Mom,

Hope things are good with you. It’s been so many years now ever since that incident had happened.

I cannot forget that incident till date for the fact that it taught me the importance of being honest. You started preaching about it right from my childhood. You had always encouraged me to reveal the marks as soon as it was given in the school. While I had seen many of my friends not revealing their score card till the last moment where they had to get it signed from their parents, I had always showed it with much pride irrespective of the marks I have scored as soon as it was given to me.

There are times, I had scored less which was a rarity but still you did not shout at me or discouraged me which made me feel happy of being honest. I do not know whether you still remember this incident which I am going to share it with you now, to refresh your memory if at all you have forgotten 🙂

It was the day of exam and I was in 7th Standard. As usual I had prepared well and went early to school. I got myself set to take the exams. It was a history paper. As soon as the question paper and answer sheets were handed over to us, we started writing the exams. The invigilator who was our neighbor saw my answer sheet. As she was also handling the same subject for the different class, as soon as she saw one of my answers to a 2 mark question, she came closer to me and hinted it was not correct. Though as a teacher she should not do it, she did it as she liked me as a well behaved and knowledgeable kid.

I knew the answer given by the teacher was incorrect and mine was the right one. I told her I would get it corrected in order to convince her but did not do it till the end. As soon as I came out, I checked the answer from the book and found that I stood correct. I came home and shared the incident with you and you felt really proud of my action and informed your friends with immense pleasure.

When I got the corrected answer sheet, we saw that my answer was correct.

Though this event happened almost 25 years back, I could still remember it for the fact, it taught me the essence of being honest and I still feel proud of being honest back then and till now.

Thank You Mom because it was you who made it possible. I am ever indebted to you.

Your Loving Son,


I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.


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