The importance of being Honest

Honesty is something which is really important in the present world. It shows the way in which you have been brought up.

Honesty has it’s own ups and downs. You may have to face lot of difficulty being honest and this can even make you feel that while you were being honest you were in the receiver’s end and do not progress as quickly as others. On the other side, being Honest has it’s own advantages. Firstly, you need not have to worry for being answerable to any one and you can avoid telling lies.This is a great one because once you start telling lies or being dishonest, it is a never ending process and it goes on forever…

This letter is about how my Mother brought me up with Honesty. There is a sequel to this as well. So please do not go away after reading this letter.

My Mom had always been honest right from her childhood and she had taught me the same being her offshoot. My mom had faced lot of difficulties and at times she was even dis owned by some of her friends and family members but she did not care about that. She has the motto – of being honest can take care of everything. She was misunderstood in most of the cases for being honest and had faced lot of troubles. She still preached me to be honest. I would like to share one such event which I did as a kid which makes me feel proud even now…

It was a normal day and I was coming back from school. As I entered my street, something caught my eyes. Yes… it was a small bundle of rupee notes which was lying below very next to a street dog. I was scared as a kid but on the other hand since it is money, I cheered up myself and picked it up after risking my life 🙂

What I did next?

I looked around to see whether any one would come and claim the money from me? No one came. I went straight to my home and informed my mom as to what had happened and also took her permission to go to the nearest temple and deposit the money in the Hundi.

She happily gave me the permission. I went straight to the temple and deposited the money in the Hundi. I felt contended. What that does not belong to me rightfully, belongs to the GOD….

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.


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