Mom made me the Expert

We all were shaped by mentors from time to time. I too had many mentors in my life who shaped me as an expert as to who I am today but the first and foremost among all is my Mother.

I was lucky to have got her in my life as my Mother. She has not even cleared 10th Standard due to personal reasons but she made me acquire dual Post Graduate with University Rank.

I had various experiences from time to time which got shaped due to the very presence of my Mother in my background. To start with it was all about Cleanliness. Initially she paid me fee pennies – 50 Paise, 1 Rupee to clean the doors and windows which I did it with great pleasure as I could use that money to buy things of my choice but later I realized it was my duty and started doing it voluntarily. This was made possible by my mother who made me to understand my duty in a nice way.

The next event was about being Honest. I had never hidden anything from my mother especially the exam paper marks which many of my friends had not shown till the time of getting the signature from their parents. I was always encouraged by my mother irrespective of my marks which made me to show my marks to her as and when it was given to me. Once during an exam, the invigilator who was residing in my street saw my answer sheet and asked me to change an answer. I knew I was correct and I did not listen to her. I came out only to know that if I would have gone as per the invigilator’s hint, I would have been incorrect. I shared this information to my mother and she was really happy that I was honest.

I never drank or smoke right from my childhood because I promised my mom that I would be a teetotaler for life and even at 35 years, I had kept my vow.

Money is something which I was not greedy about. When ever I found money on the road side, I made it a habit to put it in the temple hundi because this is what has been preached to me by my mother. I never had any misunderstanding with her and even if it did, it did not last long since she was my best friend and I always had complete freedom to share my wishes to her and we use to sort out our indifference then and there without allowing it to grow big.

I always press my clothes and wear because it was taught to me by my mother since my childhood about the importance of looking neat and also about maintaining the timeliness.  These are the few good characters I had inherited from her and I am glad to have shared these with my readers 🙂

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