How to make an App GO VIRAL

I woke up from my dreams all of a sudden.

It wasn’t a nightmare but a pleasant one. My dream went like this:

Those days for doing shopping – be it anything from Vegetables to Groceries to Clothes, we use to go to a Retail or Whole Sale Shop and buy it from there. Though it was a pleasant experience, it was not the case always since there were lot of factors attached to it. It all narrows down to Time and Money Spent.

Yes..You have to spend a lot of time to reach your favorite shop to buy your favorite brand since that particular brand would not have been readily available in the local store. Hence you had to travel all the way to a shop which is located else where which consumed lot of time and adding woes to it were the traffic jam. By the time you came back, you would have been irritated since you were sweating and exhausted braving the traffic. Moreover you would not have got the favorite color or the fit you wanted and some times you may have even compromised on the brand due to Price and Non-Availability Factor.

Now my dream entered the next phase. This was much pleasant than the earlier one. What happened here?

It was an advent of eCommerce where Online Portals took over the reins and you could order your favorite brands and groceries including fruits and vegetables online. This saved lot of time and also lot of money since the products available online were usually cheaper than its counterparts as it avoided the expense of running a shop there by eliminating the so called Middle-Men “The Retailer”. This concept is still going strong because in India, we still have not hit the saturation phase and one could see lot of eCommerce sites cropping up every now and then and how long they survive is a different question altogether.

My Dream now took a u-turn. What happened now?

I could foresee the FUTURE. Yes. The Future.

What is there in store for me/us?

With the advent of Mobile Phones which are mostly Smart Phones, Tablets and PDA’s, it is the era of Apps. Yes, the apps took over the reins from eCommerce sites slowly but steadily and I never felt bad about it because it is an evolution of Web Portals which has got the following advantages to consider while moving over:

1) Not all would have a Laptop or PC at home but for sure everyone would have a Smart Phone.

2) Even if you a PC or Laptop, you may not afford 3G connection at home but you would already be accessing Internet on your Smartphone with the help of affordable 2G.

3) Apps are easier to install and handle.

4) You need not have to type the name of the site each and every time but to launch the app with a touch.

5) It is easy to order anywhere and at anytime since you would be having your phone most of the time.

6) It of course saves lot of time and money.

7) It gives you the option of adding your favorites in Wishlist which you can always pull it up easily in the future to place the order.

8) With constant OTA upgrade, your app gets much smoother and loaded with offers which you cannot say NO.

9) Few Apps also offers Referral Bonus. for this, you just need to be a Early-Bird to capitalize on this because even if you are late by a month or so, all your friends and family would have already installed and started operating the app.

10) Unlike sudden power failure which would shut down your PC if you do not have inverter back up, on phone, you always know when your battery would die and can operate the app with ease depending on the status of the battery on your phone.

11) Ordering on the App also has few other benefits like No Minimum Order Value, Free delivery etc but may not be the case with all the apps.

12) In the apps, products are categorized effectively and it is easy for you to pick your category with ease.

13) Apps are also enabled to use your Gift Vouchers, Codes apart from other payment methods like Credit/Debit card payments and Cash On Delivery(COD).

13) With the help of app, you can easily monitor the status of your order and will have the information up to date. Modifying your address details and contact details are like a cake walk.

14) An app gives more personalization since it is only you who would be operating your phone unlike the laptop or pc which may be operated by your family members as well, at times.

15) An app is easy to install and uninstall and it will not occupy much memory space.

16) By enabling Widgets, you can get timely notification as and when there is an offer for you/us which can help us to a greater extent to decide whether to buy a product at that time or postpone it.

17) From time to time,you can see more addition of categories to the app which makes the shopping a pleasant experience.

18) An app is a must as it saves Time and Money.


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