The Best App is here

We all love Surprises. Don’t we?

As a surprise lover, there is no surprise in me to go for this awesome app being launched by India’s leading telecom provider Airtel.

What is in store for us?

There are many but I am going to highlight three key features that benefits me the most.

As I mentioned earlier, I love freebies which comes as a surprise with every recharge I do with this awesome app. The freebies are offered across various categories with popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Cafe Coffee Day, FlipKart, Amazon, eBay, Myntra to name a few.

Now, who wont say no to these brands since we get associated with these brands from time to time.It gives coupons worth the same value as that of your recharge. Now this is a killer deal isn’t it where you get the exact value as cash back making your recharge a complete FREE affair 🙂

Well, if we do not consider the above as a feature, then there are 3 more for you:

1) Creating Shortcuts for most frequent used transactions

2) Safe and Secure Payment and

3) Setting up Alerts

Now as a business executive , I run out of time most of the days making me to get all the pending work done only on the weekends which makes the weekend almost like a weekday as I had to complete all my pending work by then which is not the case any more.

1) By Creating Shortcuts for the transactions I do most of the time, I can find the info just by logging on to my App by going to “I want to” section where in I can see all under one roof. I can pay all my bills at one go – be it bill payments or recharge without having to worry about missing out on the payment dates. Not only that, I can also view my balance, check my data consumption and also the recharge history which would help me in managing my finances better. Now, this is a boon for me.

2) With PCIDSS Certification, I can also be assured that the payments I make via the app is absolutely safe and hence I need not have to worry about the security aspect. This is something which removes the mindset of being averse to go online for making the payments.

3) I can also set up an alert with this stunning app with regards to running low on data balance, low data, bill payments and its due dates so that I will never miss the critical dates and data at any cost. This ensures, I am always connected and empowered to do anything at ease.

If you also want to explore the wonderful opportunities available with this App, do visit ->


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