Food Paradise – Chennai

If you are a foodie, Chennai would never fail to “WOW” you.


What ever you want, you can get it here. It could be a traditional South Indian Food or a Continental or Thai or Chinese or Oriental or Mexican – You name it, you have it.

There are hundreds of restaurants spread all over this City and you can get food items from as low as Re.1 to the one that runs even in 1000’s. The more the deeper your pockets, the more you can indulge into.

When I said you get food for as less as Re.1, you might have been surprised but it is the truth. You get idli with chutney and sambar in “Amma Canteen” which is run by the Govt of Tamilnadu at Re.1. You also get Curd and Sambar Rice for Rs.5 and Rs.5 along with side dishes. This is a boon for low income and middle class people. This canteen had become so much popular that MPs and MLAs not only form India but also from other countries (Legislators over there) visited to see how this canteen functions/ed.

I haven’t been to this canteen yet and hence I am not in a position to post my own picture of the food items being served over there but what I heard was this “The food items are really good with great taste and it is a Self-Service canteen with no parcels allowed which means you need to dine-in there and also the plates are washed cleanly and the food is served fresh with majority of workers being Women”.

I got a chance to picture the making of mouth watering dish. Guess what? It is Ice-Creams. I was stunned to see that you get so many flavors and you can top it up with so many other stuffs which makes it even more attractive.


Doesn’t it look colorful??

There are toppings too along with fillings. Check the pics below:



Now, to be honest, if you see all these, I am sure, we all would go back to our childhood as to how much we loved these back then and even now…

Next I would talk about Pizzas since Chennai has some awesome Pizza Outlets too.


One would for sure get tempted on looking at the base itself. Don’t you??

Then comes the fillings which has been kept for us to select and top it up.


Then comes the toppings which makes the Pizza real colorful and tempting…



Don’t you feel like having them right away?? I am sure you certainly would 🙂

Now, let us go to some home made food. I am lucky to have my Mom, Better Half and Mother-in-Law who all are great cook. I was served this awesome Dosa when I was in my in-laws place last week. This is sprinkled with Carrot and coated with Idli Podi inside. This is served with Ground Nut Chutney.


It looks simple but the taste is unbelievable.

Chennai is also famous for Idlis. You get Idli, Mini Idlis or 14 Idlis as it is popularly called, Rava Idli, Thatta Idli and even Khushboo Idli(named after the famous Kollywood actress Ms.Khusbhu Sundar)


When you are served a food like this, will you ever say NO?? Be it Idli por Dosa, Sambar and Chutney are common and it goes well with Ulundu or Medhu Vada which is as tastier as the main dish.

Where ever you go, you also get to taste some awesome Coffee. We Chennaite’s usually prefer and serve Filter Coffee. The aroma is intact and the taste is strong and refreshing. Take a look here:


Chennai is also famous for Mixed-Rice. Since it is a fast moving world, people prefer this since it is easy to make and at the same time, they are tasty as well.


You get Mixed Rice like Bisibelebath(Sambar Rice), Pudhina or Fresh Mint Rice, Tomato Rice along with Powdered Stuff which we call it Podi. You get to have Paruppu Podi or Dhall Podi, Curry Leaves Podi which you can mix it with rice along with Gingelly Oil or Ghee to taste it. They are awesome and gives you a break from the routine food you consume.

Chettinad food is also famous in Chennai since it is from the same State – Tamilnadu where Chettinadu is located. You must eat its fried items which are awesome and mind blowing.


This is Paruppu Podi rice. It is available in all the restaurants these days though initially it was available in Andhra Style restaurants.

Paruppu Podi

Boli which is a sweet item made of Dhall flour and coconut is equally famous as Masala Vada.


When you take Dosa, you have a lot of varieties which includes Butter Masala, Rava  and Masala Dosa. Have a look at these below:


This Masala Dosa is stuffed with Beetroot instead of the traditional Potato.


Is this Butter Masala Dosa tempting??


I could not stop staring at this colorful Rava Masala Dosa when it was served.

Now comes the real awesome one. It is Gold Sweet. Yes. You read it right. Gold powder is sprinkled on this sweet made of black rice and jaggery and is best served with ice-cream.


How do you like it?

Well, if I had to write a blog, I don’t think it is possible with the variety of foods one could taste in Chennai unless I end up writing a book. I have covered the most important food items which are being sold as a hot cake on a daily basis and I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog about the mouth watering food dishes I have shared with you…


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