5 things that would never be away from me…

Every one will have some important things which they may not wish to part with at any cost when ever and where ever they go. It differs from person to person. Here I am going to list 5 important things that you can always find with me especially if I am going on a travel and the reason as to why I would be having them with me at all times…

First and the foremost, you would see me carrying my smart phone. The main reason being, it is what that would connect me to the world & the near and dear ones where ever I am. Not only that, my smart phone also has important contacts which I need to call them from time to time to carry out my day to day activities and business transactions. I am sure it would be the case with everyone else. Apart from this, it is also the one which would make me to put my status updates on FB and also sending tweets on Twitter and at times I even write my blog from it.

Secondly, it would be my Debit and Credit Cards and you know why. You need Money where ever you go. This will save you from any potential crisis even if you are going on a paid trip or group trip. It can also serve as a important factor as it would help me control my finances as I know how much I end up spending by the end of the day.

Thirdly, it would be my Binocular if I am going on a long trip. The reason being I can watch the flora and fauna with it in close quarters and I always had enjoyed it since I had got it specially from the USA. I can watch closely all that I love like Sunrise and Sunset, Waterfalls and just everything this beautiful world has to offer.

Then it would be my GPS as it would never allow me to get lost where ever I go. This is a must for any one if he/she is going to a place which is completely new to them. This can allow me to find shorter routes as well and also the total distance I need to cover at any given point in time which would prove to be handy. I am sure every traveler would be having this.

Finally, it would be the travel gear which included tent, water bottle and some snacks along with coolers and cap,trekking shoes which would keep me well equipped to face any situation.This would help me to go for a perfect travel expedition be it trekking, skiing, scuba diving or just anything of that sort…What’s Yours??

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