Beat the Transport Strike boredom

Boredom can happen  anywhere – be it waiting in the queue to book a tatkal ticket or in the queue to get the darshan of Lord. These are few examples. There are many infact. For some even working in the office looking on the PC and doint the same kind of stuff like coding or processing a transaction can be a boredom.

I am going to talk about one particular boredom which if happens can make you feel real agitated as you are stranded with no option to go anywhere – the place of origin and the place of destination.

Yes..I am talking about the transport strike scenario. You have gone to your native and it was time you need to get back to your place where you reside in order to join back on your duty after those long holidays or so. Suddenly when you reach the bus depot, you get to know that there is a strike which had happened all of a sudden due to political crisis or some other situation. Imagine, if you have been told that the next available bus would be after 6-8 hours…

What will you do?

Where will you go?

How will you beat the boredom?

If I am in this situation, I would deploy the Tollywood Star Allu Arjun and and Bollywood Star Anushka Manchanda(please assume that I have the power and means to do it). If you are a telugite or a kannadiga who watch telugu movies occasionally or have the habit of watching the dubbed telugu movies, you should be knowing who Allu Arjun is. He  became famous just because of his stunning dance. Will you say NO when you have an awesome dancer out there to entertain you with his mesmerizing moves? What will make it even more stunning would be the melodious Anushka Manchanda’s voice. I would set up a speaker so that her voice reflects from all the four corners and I would make Allu Arjun to take the centre stage and do some amazing numbers for which he is well known for…

When you start looking at this performance, you would either start singing yourself or start dancing or do both. This would be really refreshing in such a place as there will not be much of a crowd and the place though is deserted would get to have a vibrancy which is enjoyed only by you. The flash lights will be thrown on these two awesome performers which would make that dull evening a colorful one and I am sure all the people who had gathered there would have been relieved instantly from their stress and wished the performance continued even after their buses have arrived…

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


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