Body Odors – from time to time

We all live in the World where you are judged not only on your appearance but also on how you smell. This may seem rude but this is the fact. There are lot many quotes from the early literary text as well which clearly mentions that one needs to take bath daily, if possible twice which tells us indirectly as to how it is important to keep you fresh and smell good.

Thankfully, my Mom had raised me right from the start that I should not only look good but also smell good and hence when ever I come back from playing, she has ensured that I not only washed my face but also my hands and legs.

I had moved with various people from time to time and avoided few of them for the simple fact they did not smell good. It would be real rude if I take their name or mention who they were and hence to I am keeping the names either changed or confidential to protect their identity.

There was this guy who was a good friend of mine who had played with me every day as a kid but he never smelled good and hence when ever he tried to come closer to me while playing cricket by giving a hug when I scored good, I had always kept a distance. I never had the guts to tell him at that point of time as he was a elderly guy. I thought he would understand but he never did which is the sad part.

I also remember vaguely during my early schooling days where we use to tease a guy who never dressed or smelled good calling him “shabby guy”. May be he was poor or could not afford to dress neat which I do not know or remember.

Similarly a guy use to come to my house and when ever he removed his shoes, he smelled terrible due to the damp socks he use to wear and I am sure he himself would have known it but he never took good care about making it not to happen over and over again.

Thankfully I never had to face this problem with my near and dear ones and the bad smell had and will always turns me off and if it happens now, I would tell the person concerned directly to save him from being embarrassed in the public. When I say this, I had to face this situation whilst standing in the queue in the over crowded public places like Theatre,Malls or Bus/Train which cannot be avoided..I am sure you would agree with me on this!!

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda 


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