How I fight Bad Odor at home

Bad Odor is something which would worry not only me but everyone out there as we always wanted to keep our house and our surroundings clean and neat. When we maintain the cleanliness, it also takes care of the bad odor that arises if it was not being maintained neat.

There are few things which could not be avoided like garbage not being removed from the road though we put it in the bin and at times when your building does not have that aerial vent, you would tend to get that bad smell which arises from the sewage that comes all through the way to your kitchen sink or the wash basin in your hall.

I use to put napthalene balls in those places in  order to avoid bad smell but yes, I could remember an event when it would have put me in a dicy situation but smart thinking from my mom had saved my day. It was a Sunday and being a weekend, as usual, mom prepared nice non vegetarian food at home and we had a nice time eating and relishing it. In the noon, we got a call all of a sudden saying that some of my friends had planned to come home. I was shocked because some of them were vegetarian and I was worried as to how they would feel to get to sniff the non-veg odor in my home. I told my worries to my home. She made a quick plan. Our house luckily had lot of doors and windows and hence she had opened everything to allow the free flow of fresh air from outside and this way almost every bad odor was gone and that was a great relief.

She also had sprayed room freshener which now made my house to smell real good. I was so glad. My friends arrived after a while and they told me that they could sense some nice smell at home. Though my non-veg eating friends understood why this was the case, my veggie friends fortunately or may be they enacted as if they did not knew, never behaved in a different way.

They stayed for few hours and it was a pleasant day because we had a nice and lengthy conversation and this would not have been possible without having that bad odor being removed.

My mom took all the credits that day for making it a memorable day which I could remember even till date…

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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