Save with Bargain else Lose…


We Indians are known for good bargaining skills. We bargain on anything and everything. We do not spare any product or establishment for this and we feel proud when we strike a perfect bargain and would also flaunt it to our family and friends to show how much talented we were. This is in our blood and it is something we must feel proud of. I certainly feel proud about it,If not others.

Initially I was averse to this idea of bargaining but when I saw my friends doing it and saving big money, I also thought of doing it. It all started with a friend in my college who had always sourced amazing merchandise and goods at an unbelievable discount and we use to call him with the nick name “discount XXXXX”

When I go to vegetable shop or the fruit shop, I first ask them how much is a kilo because only if you ask that way, they would tell you the reduced price with which I use to buy them later in lesser quantities like 500 grams or so. Similarly when I go to Fish stall, I always use to bargain and even though I won’t get a big bargain, I get say at least Rs.50 and if this happens week on week, I can save not less than Rs.25000 a year which is a huge amount.

The same goes with Clothing Store. We ask them for discount and for this we use to go to the whole sale or manufacturing place since we can strike a discount rather than bargaining in a retail store. We cannot do this in malls or on premium stores but I have ensured that I made use of all the freebies available when I have stayed in premium hotels because they anyway charge us for all these freebies well in advance like Free Wi-Fi, Free Coffee, Breakfast, Newspaper, Water, Soap and Shampoo to name a few and when I get an opportunity, why will I have to forego that?

Even while booking party hall, I have bargained to get the best rates. This was also exhibited by my sister who showed her skills in bargaining and got a good discount for booking a buffet lunch which I gave to my relatives after my marriage.

I was also surprised to see some one bargaining in a premium jewelry outlet though he did not succeed since the rates were fixed but was not the case in local jewelry shops where those who bargained had always got a better rate in the form of discounts on Wastage and Making Charges.

Most of the online eCommerce Sites are thriving on giving discounts and some even have put in their marketing skills by mentioning their product price with a rider – CLICK HERE TO KNOW OUR RATES which would surely attract customers for sure….

These bargains may look silly to us but unless you bargain, you cannot save more and if you cannot save more, you cannot spend. I have saved enough through bargaining which would help me in even taking an international travel. Can you beat that??

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