Battling Smelly House

I am sure you all must have faced this situation of going to a friend or relative’s house and could not stand because of some bad odor that was existing or existed in that house. As a kid, even I had come across many such instances where I just came running out of the house. These could have or may happen because of various reasons. Some may attribute to the surroundings and some for other reasons like cooking non vegetarian food or not keeping the interiors clean due to which rodents and pests would have got accumulated which could also be one of the reasons for the odor.

Well, if it happens in my own house – touch wood it had never happened and will never happen, how will I tackle?

There are few ways I could tackle the issue. First and foremost is to keep our house clean. This includes regular cleaning and make sure that dust and cob webs does not gets accumulated in the ceilings, doors and windows. Once a month cleaning if not frequently will also do. This ensures there is free circulation of air and light from outside and when this happens, it would automatically take care of the bad odor.

Secondly, do not allow moisture to get accumulated inside. If the moisture is present, it emanates a bad odor and it also see the sudden spurt in accumulation of pests as they thrive on it. When pests like cockroach and rodents like rats enters your property, they would bring bad odor with them by default. This has to be avoided.

Apart from keeping the house safe from moisture, regular use of napthalene balls and other insecticides, if required can also keep them at bay. I also have the habit of keeping the soap covers inside my closet in between the dress as it would ensure there is no bad odor circulating inside. The same can be applied by keeping the inner cover of your incense sticks as these tend to be real fragrant one.

You must also keep your surroundings clean and by doing this you ensure it is not only your house but also the other houses in the vicinity stay with a pleasant smell. At times, I have even applied Sambrani in all the rooms of the houses to avoid bad smell and when ever mom cooks non vegetarian, we ensure the exhaust fan is on to get rid of the smell. For those who have electric chimney, this should not be a problem.

Combating the bad odor during the night time is difficult as you are left with very little time to enact and on those instances, I have always relied upon Room Fresheners which gives/gave me immediate respite…

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur


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