Loved this article about Gardening from RewardMe

 Who doesn’t love Garden? Garden is a place where one can forget all their worries and spend some quality time with greenery which also is a center of attraction for lovely birds and insects. I have spent a lot of time since my childhood on the back yard tending great care to variety of plants like Jasmine,Rose,Hibiscus and few other plants which my mom has raised.

I use to water them regularly and use to talk to them as well and have seen a visible difference in their growth. This has been proved scientifically too which I read it only later in some journals.

For long, I always had few queries as to how to effectively raise the plants without having to compromise on their longevity and quality. I was searching for answers though I was given different answers by different set of people including the people from the nursery. Some use to tell me, it is enough to water the plants once but I always had watered the plants twice especially during the summer. I always use to think for a while when I use to water it for the second time but my doubts have been cleared after reading the article in RewardMe. It has clearly mentioned that we need to water twice  to ensure the soil does not go try especially in the summer.

There was also a mention about Pruning. We tend to leave the branch as it is once we cut the flower from the branch. This seems to be incorrect and I got to know that by Pruning, I would be sending signals to my plants which would start blossoming more. This is a good to know information for me and I am going to start doing this effectively from now on to ensure my plants gives me good number of flowers.

I was also sad when I saw my plants being affected by pests and I never realized there were so many easy methods available to control the pests in a much effective way which is natural as well. This has been an eye opener for me and rather than running behind the pesticides, I am going to implement what has been mentioned in the article – by attracting smaller birds which would naturally destroy harmful insects and also to try out my own pesticide which is mild rather than going for a stronger one right at the start.

I got to know about the use of fertilizers also. I am going to put this into good practice. Yes. I use to fertilize my plants once in 1.5 months as advised by the nursery but I got to know it has to be at least once a week.

Now, I am loaded with enough and useful information and I am going to implement it with immediate effect in order to see my plants being grown with greater care nurtured by me…

The above blog post was after reading this particular blog on summer gardening tips on the RewardMe website.

You can also access it at

I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda


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