Me and my inseparable things

There are few things without which you cannot step out of your home. It may look silly for others but for you it would be an integral part occupying your life. There are these 5 little things which you could always find with me at any given point in time. As I said earlier, this may look silly but it is important to me that I had all these with me, if I had to ever step out.

#1 – I would never go out without a pen. You always require this at any given point in time. For instance if you are going to a bank, you need to have this to fill up the bank challan. How many times you would have got irritated when some one comes and ask your pen in the bank to fill up their challan. Similarly if you are going to a restaurant or shop and buy goods with your card, you need to sign the slip(though most of the times you were provided with a pen which is an exception) and even in the bus, if you buy a daily pass, you have to sign it. Being a Writer, Pen forms an integral part of me which is no surprise.

#2 – I would also have enough change – both paper money and coins. This is also an integral part of our life because you need to give it where ever you go right from the petty shop to a 7 star hotel. If you do not have enough change, it creates lot of trouble especially in the bus as the conductor always insists on perfect change though he may have lot with him which he may not be willing to part with and you are at the mercy of him to get your change back if you do not tender exact change.

#3 – Mobile Phone. These days who steps out of the house without this? This has become more than a shadow because you would see the shadow only when there is a light around but you will find the phone 24/7 with us. Of course given the need and importance of it for communication and safety, there is no wonder that you would find this at all point in time.

#4 – Helmet. You read it right. Though this has not got significant appeal in Chennai and else where, I make sure that I carry this when ever I go on a ride on my 2 wheeler as it protects my life. This may be a burden for many but not for me because it is my guardian and it is better to be safe than sorry. Agree?

#5 – Finally it is bank cards. I carry it just to be on the safer side because you never know how much would you spend on any given day when you go out and this could save you from embarrassment.

I have shared my list. What’s your list??

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.


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