My Birthday Food Outing in Sea Shell Restaurant

We all wish to go out every now and then as we are social. We love to go to specific places like Restaurants, Theatres, Shopping Malls to name a few. You would not come back with complete satisfaction else where except to a Restaurant as you always have to stop at some point in time from eating. Am I not right in saying that?

So I made it a habit to visit the restaurant during my Birthday – on the eve of it mostly unless it falls on a holiday. This year, my birthday fell on Monday and hence I decided to take my family for an outing on Sunday itself. Now a question arose. Where to go? I started searching online and found this amazing Sea Shell Restaurant

This is hardly few kilometres from where I stayed and hence we decided to pop in as its been a while that we had sea food in a restaurant. We chose buffet lunch as we would have unlimited choice to select over from the servings.

As soon as we reached there, I took a pic of my family.


Post this, I took a Selfie of mine as well…


The advantage of this restaurant is its location. It is in Anna Nagar, very close to Yeses Super Market and is easily accessible from any part of the city. We entered the restaurant and were given a separate place to occupy which was a elevated one.


We saw this table spread on our respective tables.


My niece was really happy and gave me a hug!!


There were innumerable items of display. We started with Chicken Soup.

photo 5

This tasted really good. It was not too spicy. It evoked our hunger even more.

Then it was time to for some starters.I was amazed to see Pineapple served with Chicken.It was totally a different one and has made me to groove for it.

photo 3

Then, we started getting some fries to relish our taste buds.

photo 1

What you see was a combination of Prawns, Fish and Chicken fry. While the prawns were of tiger prawns with unlimited quantity, the fish slice was almost the zize of our palm and sprinkled with Pepper. Chicken 65 was also there and needless to say we had all. The taste was purely authentic as I have not tasted this else where.

Then it was time to go for some biriyani too. The biriyani tasted real nice. It was made of basmati rice and the aroma was quite inviting.

photo 4

After finishing our first round, we were happy with the taste but still our hunger was not subsided. Hence we went for round 2. Here is what we got then

photo 1(1)

It was idiyappam with mixed sea food curry which had crab,tuna fish,prawns and squid in it which was real yummy and do I need to say that I took some more pieces of prawns yet again along with vegetable biriyani this time 🙂

Mixed Sea Food Curry was completely new to me as I have not seen this kind of dish in any of the restaurant till date. It tasted real yummy!!

A Closer look of mixed sea food curry

photo 2(1)

Finally to quench our thirst, we were served with unlimited water melon juice which was real tasty. I drank 3 cups of it.

photo 4(1)

Doesn’t it look tempting?? There was also some desserts like Pudding,Gulab Jamun and Ice Creams and since we were already done with the amazing items mentioned above, we did not even bother to look back at those.

It was totally a brilliant day that I would cherish in my life….

Do I need to sat that I posted my Review as well??


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