Dad deserves it

Dad – my first Hero deserves everything he has did to me.

I still remember those days way back as a kid what he did and I am really glad to recollect them here as a tribute for him. Dad use to take me in his Lambretta scooter on the weekends when ever he goes for a long ride and he did because he knew I would be real happy accompanying him.

Dad inspired me to undertake pilgrimage to Sabarimala since I saw him getting up early in the morning to perform Pooja and I too started getting up early and on seeing my interested, he started taking me to the temple when I was studying in 2nd Standard.

It is used to be a Pride sight for me when my dad walks on the road because literally everyone stops to wish him as he commanded greater voice in our locality. He was truly an inspiring character to me as he always spoke about being honest and being brave. It is that character I have always admired and have inculcated.

Dad was always there when I needed him the most. He gave me so much freedom that after a certain stage, I began to treat him like my best pal by sharing almost anything and everything with him. Though he had seen almost everything in life, he did not allow me to go near bad things which showed how much he cared for me.

This is evident from the fact that he allowed me to ride his two-wheeler only when I came to 12th Standard though he had ventured into all those things in his early age having lost his father at the early stage. Dad also wielded greater voice in his office and when I go to his office, I could see how much respect he got sitting behind the cash counter. Dad was truly a class of his own. The way he tackled things were exceptional and I still remember that he never disappointed me and got me what ever I wanted, always rather than discounting it as a kid’s choice. That makes him Special and Unique among others. I wish him to live a long and healthy life because whatever he has given it to me, it is time for me to repay that back…

Take a look at this awesome video which is certainly a tribute to all the fathers out there..

I wish all who reads out here would also be proud of their own father and wish all to live a long and healthy life.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks


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