My Dandy Dad…..


My Dad has always been there when ever I needed him. I am not sure about others but for me, my first hero was my dad for the simple fact, he has been respected by all in my locality – as a brave person firstly and secondly as a Guruswamy who has headed not less than 50 pilgrims to Sabarimala year after year.

Dad never let me down and he had given me immense freedom to choose my path and career which I am thankful of till date. Dad had always encouraged me to speak up because as a kid I was really a shy guy and had always went into hiding when dad’s friends from overseas visited my home. To avoid this, he encouraged me to write to pen-pals and because of him, I got pen-pals from all around the world. This improved my language.

Secondly was the communication barrier. To break this, he bought a telecom shop which was running just on the ground floor of my home and made me sit during my holidays. I not only earned some money as salary during those days but it had also served as an effective place to wipe out my shyness and my communication had improved a lot.

Dad took me to many places in his Lambretta scooter as I always liked to travel long distances and he had got me the best food and clothes that he could afford. He allowed me to study what ever I wanted and never interfered in my decision which is something that is unique only to him.


Dad was always there on my background and hence for doing anything, I could go out fearlessly and execute it. I am successful in my own field and I attribute all my success to my dad who did it without expecting anything in return. When ever I got any gift from him and thanked him, he used to scold me telling that a Son should not thank his father and I stopped thanking him there after.

I haven’t done much to him though he is still on his own legs and had built a comfortable life for us. He use to be the first person to come in the front when our family faced any trouble. He entertained us by taking us to the best of restaurants, movie halls, places and had also ensured that we did celebrate our festivals in the best possible manner including Diwali with lots and lots of crackers and new dresses.

Dad, the single word THANK YOU is really a small one when compared to innumerable things you did to me…. I did this blog as a tribute to you!!

On this FarhersDay , I wish to see him wearing that would make his look even more awesome 🙂

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