Save Them to Save Us

India is one of the very few nation in the world that has got rich bio-diversity. While we must feel real proud about this, there are few things which we must seriously consider given the plight of the status of these species – Flora and Fauna.

We were once the land of exclusive animals and various other species but now lot of them are in the brink of being extinguished. These have already found their way to the Red Data Book being published by IUCN. Many of them are endangered or critically endangered and some of them are in the extinction phase.

I have picked up three most important species according to me. I would also be giving my reasons as to why these had found place in my pick!

The first and foremost in this list is: TIGER


Why Tiger?

Tiger is firstly our National Animal. There are lot of stories associated with it from ancient scripts and mythology. Till recently, it is associated with Jim Corbett who has become famous by killing the Man Eaters.

Tiger is very important in saving our eco-system. They help us in the maintenance of Eco Balance.They exterminate some of the species which may otherwise prove to be harmful to the man kind. Sadly, Tiger is being killed for various reasons. The most important being Skin and its Claws and for other unproven medical help which should be avoided.

India has established various wildlife parks and exclusive Tiger Sanctuaries which is spread across India. I had the chance of going inside Periyar Tiger Reserve on my way to Sabarimala and I had never felt frightened. There are two reasons behind it – We go in as a group. Usually these species are frightened when they her sound in group and secondly, spiritual reasons since this animal is the “Vaahan” of Lord Ayyappa.

Tiger is hence first in my list to be preserved because apart from India, there are only very few countries which houses Tiger. More people should come forward to adopt this animal which is being housed in zoological park. It is also good to see that these Tigers were given names and we can select them to feed them for a month/Quarter/half yearly and annual and I had seen this scheme in Aringnar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai and also in Bannerghatta Zoological Park,Bangalore.

The second in the list is: SNAKES

India is very much known for its association with Snakes. It is found in the neck of Lord Shiva who is the Supreme God. There are lot of stories associated with Snakes. India was mocked about “Land of Snake Charmers” but I do not feel bad personally because critics will always criticize.

Snakes are very much needed for maintaining the so called “Food Pyramid” because it terminates the most important enemy of human beings – Rodents and by doing this, it is saving us a potential loss worth few billions every year. It also serves as a food to the next in the food chain – Eagles.


Snakes are being hunted for its Skin and also for other medicinal properties and some times even as food which should be avoided. India houses very few species like Cobra – Black Cobra,King Cobra and few other snakes which are lethal but the majority of them are harmless. We kill them out of sheer fear if we get to encounter them without knowing the fact that Snakes shy away from being encountered and would tend to attack only if it is provoked or threatened.

We also are unaware of the fact that snakes cannot see but move on the basis of vibration. You need not have to worship them but at least not to kill them and if you happen to see it in your house, do not attempt to kill it but you can dial Blue Cross or the Snake Catcher(if you now any) who can come and rescue it.

Finally, my pick is: FROG

Frogs are useful to us in so many ways. It kills one of the most important menace insects – the mosquitoes by eating its larvae and it also kills other insects. This is also being used for Research purposes in the labs.


Most importantly, frogs are the excellent indicators of the changing eco system in any locality. It is high time we preserved this species so that we get to benefit from it in many ways.

I am participating in the Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India,  read the reviews for the book ‘Capturing Wildlife Moments in India’ here 


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