Experience of Lifetime with HondaJazz

Not everybody would get lucky and that too even thinking about driving a car in a F1 circuit certainly needs an extra ordinary one. I was really glad when I got a mail informing that I am one of the short listed candidate to go to Buddh International Circuit(BIC) in Noida to drive the all new Honda Jazz even before it’s launch. I started jumping with joy as I got to strike the experience of the lifetime.

The flight tickets were promptly booked and the details regarding our PNR was sent to us three days prior giving us ample time to get ourselves prepared for the BIG day. We were booked in Indigo Airlines and fortunately, I had a company – Mr Shrinidhi Hande who joined me from Chennai. On the flight, I ordered the instant rava upma and dabur carrot-orange juice which was mind blowing and I ordered the same menu when I returned back.

We were received by the digital agency people in the airport – Mr Suryansh from TTN and Shivam from Honda. We came to know people from all over India were flown over to New Delhi to make this event a grand success. Once all had arrived, we were taken on a Volvo air-conditioned bus to Radisson Blu. The hotel is renowned worldwide and we were given the best room with greater amenities. To our surprise we found that each person were given a room rather than a twin sharing basis.


I met some of my Twitter friends in real this time and do I need to say that I started clicking selfies with them?? 😉


Selfie with Amit Panchal, One of India’s Top Influential Twitteratti


Selfie with Shrinidhi Hande and Ananth,CEO of Techdivine Services


This was me with Tinu Cherian, Twitter Celebrity.

We were served buffet lunch on our arrival and we got ready to go to the venue once the registration and other formalities were complete. We were given tags in different colors – Green, Yellow, Blue and Red to identify localites who joined with us.

We were sent in SUV’s to the venue.


I took a pic posing near the entrance. We were given bands on reaching the place.


While we were wondering about our Internet Connectivity, we were also given Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet Usage cards for a day.


We then entered the hall which was on the first floor. The vibrancy was so much that everyone was busy waiting for the event to commence.


The stage was so neatly set. We all started expecting what’s in store for us.


It was MTV host, Yudi who was the host for this grand event. Honda yet again proved that they do not compromise on anything.


Sooner, Honda Officials started arriving and took their seats. The dignitaries included who’s who of Honda India with their VP and Heads of various Departments who were instrumental in scripting Honda’s tremendous success in India.


This was Honda’s VP and CEO who was so simple and down to earth.

He was followed by other dignitaries.


I do not need to say more about these high profile dignitaries as the slide on the background says enough.


It was now time for Navneet to take the stage since she went ahead to talk about Honda’s concept and its features which we would see it later.


Navneet took the stage and started presenting the features and concept o the All New Jazz.


The concepts were revolutionary. Take a look at the slides which are self explanatory 🙂


This is the actual concept of the all new Honda Jazz.

We would now see Interiors and Exteriors including the Cockpit and the Meter concepts.



The exteriors were also revolutionary with greater car is taken by Honda in every stage.

Now we will see the Cockpit and the Meter.


The cockpit is designed on the basis of futuristic concept.


The meters were so awesome.

After this got over, we were taken down stairs to get ourselves ready for the race.


We were surprised to see the helmets but later came to now that it is for our own safety since we are going to drive on the fastest race track in the world. While first batch was taken to the control room, we were asked to engage ourselves. Hence I started exploring the Honda Jazz that was kept for display over there.


The front look of the car were stunning.

I then took to the side looks.


The vehicle was really spacious enough with everything automatic be it with Window Glasses or with the presence of Power Steering.


The very powerful I-VTec engine makes Honda Jazz a superior sedan compared to the others.

The rear look of the car was awesome too.



You certainly cannot ask or more is all I can say.

I then took some selfies with some props with this awesome Jazz.



After this activity, we were taken to the control room where we were briefed on how it functions. We were told it is one of the most sophisticated in the World wit 50 cameras set on the track and is being monitored closely and in case of any emergency, the help arrives in flat 3 minutes.


That’s the 50 camera screen with single location being monitored from 3 cameras at any given point in time. Woah!!!


There were totally 10 cars. 5 Manual and 5 Automatic Cars.


The automatic cars were from No.6 to No.10 where in from No.1 to No.5 were manual operated cars.


Just before I could get into the car, I took some selfies near the track and also from the above.


RaceTrack Background

Its time to take to the F1 track. We were instructed not to take selfies inside the car and were advised to just switch it off which I dutifully did.


I took the track and finished the lap. I felt like I have accomplished something in my life. This was followed by a Music Party performed by Riwaaaz followed by Quiz by Yudi and do I need to mention that the hashtag #JazzatIBC trended??


In fact the impact was so much that t trended for close to 8.5 hours. With Honda, anything is possible and I must say, they certainly deserved it.


I feel privileged and thankful to Honda for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep rocking!!!


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