My GTA Experience

GTA by NISSAN – was one of the World’s most sought after gaming experience. Though it has been going for few years,  never had attempted it or even checked what it is all about until recently when I was invited to experience it first hand.

Venue – Express Avenue

Brand – NISSAN

The stage was very nicely set up. Considering the fact that it was a very popular and spacious mall in Chennai, the place was fully crowded since it was on a weekend.


There were LED Screens set up in a circle and every one will get to see their track which was in front of them.

GTA PlayStation

The hashtag for the event was #RacingDriverWanted and it went on to be trending for the whole day because of stupendous support it got – both from Online and Offline.

Even though the place was crowded, not every one got the chance to try it.


It was because NISSAN wanted to impose the necessity of being responsible and hence only those who had a valid Drivers License(DL) were allowed to participate. I must say ths was a class act to impose the importance of being responsible even on virtual world.

We were given instructions prior and the only difference between the real car and this was the absence of Clutch and Gear. The experience was so much realistic that everyone could feel the heat though they were just playing. The best part was driving sensibly. If you go out of the track, you will not be allowed for the next track validation. Many of them including me who played for the first time fund this difficult and we could not make it. But nevertheless, it was a very good experience because it made us understand what it takes to drive a real racing car.

There were few things I wanted to mention before signing off:

1) The winners would get a chance to be trained in the UK by Karun Chandok.This event was held across various cities in India including Delhi,Mumbai,Bengaluru etc

2) After I came back home, I was pleasantly surprised to see a verified profile on twitter @tomcoronel following me 🙂

Now, I cannot ask anything more than this!!!


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