My Monsoon Shopping

Monsoon bring delights to most of us until we have decided to step out. I am no exception. It is time for Monsoon soon and I had decided to do some shopping for my better half since she works as a Assistant Professor in the City’s leading Engineering College.

My first pick would be a top which could give her the much needed heat and also does not compromise on her comforts.


I selected this because this would fit her color and height as she is bit short. I found this product here

Next would be the trousers. I would pick up a denim because it need not have o be washed over and over again and it can withstand cold and dust.


I selected this because it would go as a great pairing for the tops which I have selected already for her. I found it here

By selecting the top and bottom, the major work is done but how will it be complete without selecting the accessories? I am proceeding further with the selection of accessories now.

I would select the Crystal Ear Rings because it would be a great combination for my selection of Denim Bottom and a full hand top there by enhancing the looks of my better half. Also during the dull monsoon, my wife’s face would look brighter with this ear ring/


Doesn’t it look stunning? I found this stunning piece here

Now, I am on the verge of selecting a handbag and I found this.


This is a multi colored one and would go well with almost any color and hence I selected this to be paired with her looks. I found this stunning piece here

Finally, it is the foot wear. I cannot think about anything else except this.


I selected this for various reasons.

1. It gives the much needed grip as the roads would be slippery during the monsoon.

2) As this is made of rubber, it is washable.

Finally, it goes well with the combo I have already selected for my better half. I found this here

With this, the Monsoon is taken care for my Wife without having to compromise on Safety,Comfort and Looks. I found all these excellent combo in

You can also head over to this amazing site to make your wardrobe for your better-half 🙂


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