My Niece’s Khuljyaye Bachpan Moments

Every one would have witnessed kids doing a great act either on their own or imitating some one. We felt really glad when we witnessed it in person. This was done by your child or by the kids at home.

I am going to share some of the acts which my niece did.

She is a saas babu serial addict which might sound strange considering her age since she is only 7 and gives least importance to the cartoons. She gets so engrossed towards it that if some one disturbs her, she goes mad with anger. She comes home from her home since we both are in the same apartments saying that she wanted to sleep with her grandparents but the reality is that she actually wanted to see the serials herself along with her granny.

This comes handy at times because when my mom missed watching them due to various reasons, she sits with my mom and explains her everything in minute detail including the character names and scenes.

She also gets spiritual at times and told her granny that God is everywhere and that she should also be allowed to set up her own pooja room and did one just outside the showcase.She did not stop with that. She started pestering her granny to allow her to do pooja to her God everyday by taking flowers and other prasad from her.My mom was awestruck by her cuteness in doing it.

When ever she sees an outsider at home and wanted to convey a message urgently, she would come and whisper in our ears. Now, can you beat that?

She has also got the habit of taking or making a promise and once that is done, neither her nor the person with whom the promise was made or taken should not break it. We , at times could not stop appreciating her for all these cute acts done by her.

She also tricks us at times by saying that she has got something important to say or discuss but when we go with her, she would laugh and say that she made us fools and she wanted us to pick up something for her from he room which was kept on a place that is not accessible to her.

She also acts really well informed at times because when her stomach is full and when we buy something from a restaurant, she tells me that she would not want to order because she would waste it. We were also surprised to see her instructing the hotel staffs to help her in taking the food, when we booked a buffet lunch once.There are hundreds of small acts which she does daily and if I start mentioning it, I would end up writing a novel and hence I picked up the good ones. I hope you all have liked reading it… Keep reading and sharing!!!

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