STG and TigerAir – Raining Offers

When I got an invite to attend the 50th Year Celebrations for Singapore Tourism Board along with Tiger Air, I knew there is going to be something extra ordinary which s going to happen.As expected, it did happen.

What was that?

Continue reading it for the suspense to be unveiled.

The event took place in Taj Coromandel Chennai and I could see the enthusiasm it had created in advance because the hall was house-full. All of them were from Media and Press who had arrived well before the scheduled start time to cover the event.

The stage was beautifully setup.

Stage Setup

It was ably supported with screens on both the sides from where the pictorial representation was telecast.

The Stage

As soon s all the dignitaries had arrived,Mr.Teh Yik Chuan-Director,Sales & Marketing,Tiger Air and Ms.Bridget Goh-Area Director,Singapore Tourism Board had arrived.

Firstly, it was Mr Chuan who came up to the stage to address the gathering.

Teh Yik Chuan Addresses

He talked about how TigerAir had evolved and being the best low cost carrier aircraft in Singapore. Not many people would be aware of this – Tiger Air is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines which has 55% stake in it. Tiger Air’s first flight was in 2008 from Chennai to Singapore. This was founded in 2004 and currently the largest budget airline in Singapore.

He also spoke about the importance of focusing in Asian Sector rather than Europe and Americas, when some one raised the query. He said there are lot of potential here and being based in Singapore, their immediate priority is Asian region to tap the maximum potential.

Once he finished his speech, Ms.Bridget Goh – Area Director of Singapore Tourism Board too  the stage and started giving some stunning information and insights about Singapore Tourism.

Bridget Goh address

It was really nice to know that World’s First UNESCO Heritage Site was Singapore Botanical Gardens.In April 2015, Indian Heritage Center was opened to celebrate the achievement and success brought in by the Indian immigrants especially from South India who forms the majority of the population among Indian who are settled over there. A short video was played. Some statistics were revealed. Almost 943,000 Indians traveled to Singapore in 2014 which is 1% higher than the previous year and this year, the figure looks promising with more than half a million mark already.

Some of the unbelievable offers which was unveiled in the meet were:


Yes.You see it right. You get to stay in some of the top class hotels 3rd night for FREE when you stay for 2 nights. I am sure after looking at the list, you cannot resist your temptation.


You also get to take your kids for FREE if 2 of you(adults) are going to some major tourist attractions in Singapore. This I must say is really amazing because every household has a kid for sure.

It did not end with this.


You also get to see the City Tour for FREE and the duration was increased by 30 minutes to make it to 2.5 hours in total. Now, what more can you ask for?

After unveiling all these amazing offers, Ms.Goh was given a memento by Mr.Chuan.

Souvenir to ms.Bridget Goh

It did not end with this. There were two winners who got picked up from the lucky dip who came to witness this event and both of them were women and one was really a co-incidence. It was token no 50 which got picked up as a winner and this was in line with 50th Year Celebrations.

Winner Annunement

The Major Surprise was this – the RATES. Can you guess what it is to fly from Chennai to Singapore?

Unveiling rates

It is just Rs.7,999 two-way. Isn’t it unbelievable? I am sure you would be rushing to plan your holidays to Singapore which is named “The Place to be” in 2015 by Lonely Planet.


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