Healthy Diet to me is…

We all are diet conscious.We tend to do lot of things to ensure that our diet is a healthy one. Invariably some of us even try to skip our morning breakfast hoping that it would help us in reducing our weight which is a myth. In fact skipping the breakfast in the morning would add more to our woes. None of us should even think about skipping it.

Most of us also gorge on anything and everything that comes our way which is also not a healthy sign. We must plan our diet accordingly. No one can judge our body better except ourselves. I am sure you would agree to it. Some may eat less but would put on weight easily. Some would keep on eating all through the day but they would still look slim. There are so many things that goes into this. Let us not look into scientific and non-scientific reasons behind this.

What is a Diet?

A diet according to me is the fitting tribute of what you feed according to the needs of your body. The intake of food may vary from time to time. During normal days. you may eat less but on the weekends and holidays, you may tend to eat more. The benefits of a balanced healthy diet were:

1) You do not put on unnecessary weight.

2) Your body would be fit and strong.

3) You know what to eat and when.

4) Your digestive system mechanism is fed at the right time with right amount of food.

5) There is no question of extra calories being added and that you need to work out extra to burn that out.

6) You maintain a healthy lifestyle – both from in and out.

7) You have a routine that you do not deviate from and the chances of something getting misfired is very minimal as you can always find out, if at all that happens.

8) If this works out well for you, you can always advice it to your near and dear who can also get benefited by it.

There are lot many other benefits on a balanced diet but I have highlighted only the ones that I considered as most important ones.

When you go for a crash diet, there are lot of nutritional compromises on it.

Firstly, you may not get all that you want for your body.

Secondly, you may feel hungry. You may score on one aspect but may miss out on the other.

Finally, the crash diet is something that is not meant for normal people like us but for those who wanted to reduce their body weight all of a sudden for a short period of time due to various reasons which can fit perfectly to those in the Movie Industry. However I suggest that doing this without the proper prescription of a dietician may prove to be fatal. Hence one should exercise greater precaution in this.

Let us Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy!!!

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