I would never miss Cricket

Cricket is beyond life. Cricket is more than a game. It is a uniting factor amongst us. It keeps us motivated. It makes us feel great as and when we see the game is being played between two nations.

I am always stuck to television when this game was being played and I missed out carrying out various important tasks because of that. Though I do not regret it, I feel it would have been better if I had the option of watching it leisurely.

There were days I had to postpone my travel because of cricket match between India and Pakistan. I missed out on various opportunities because of this and had also missed few benefits. These days due to the technology advancement, I could get to see the score online but I was still not feeling happy about it because I could only see the score and not the real video to watch them online.

I use to think what would it be, if we get to watch them online and I was happy that my prayer was heard by UCBrowser. I was so glad to see it LIVE for the first time and it did give me the fullest satisfaction of watching it online, if not any.

The best thing about this is, it is really light which means it won’t consume much data and also I can buffer it fast and watch it when ever I wanted to watch. Since I also have a memory card on my mobile, I can store some of them, if I wanted to watch it later. How awesome it is….

I won’t be missing the match here on. That awesome feeling would make me feel really energized and I can do all my work even more actively. I am not going to get affected any more and since I travel a lot and that too for longer distance,it would be a cake walk for me because I can watch them leisurely as I will be traveling most of the time in Train / Bus.

It is like hitting two mangoes in one stone. Firstly, I need not have to take an off any more and secondly, I can also watch my favorite cricket match without worrying about missing it. I have told my friends who were not aware of this excellent feature and they were so happy when they got to see this awesome feature.

My Personal and Professional Life will not be affected any further. I am sure you all will agree to it 🙂

Take a look at this awesome feature which UCBrowser offers in this video

If you also wish to keep yourself updated with the sport without missing any, click – http://www.ucweb.com/ and establish a connection to UC Cricket.


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